Philips debuts open APIs and iOS SDK for Hue smartbulbs

“Philips Hue is a lighting system that changes the definition of what your standard home lighting setup is, and now there’s an official developer program for the innovative Wi-Fi-connected bridge and bulbs, so that third-party apps and hardware can pick up what Philips has started,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch.

“Philips recognized that devs wanted to do different things with the Hue, and decided to help them out, by opening up an official developer program, complete with an SDK for iOS developers, and APIs that allow both software and hardware makers to take advantage of the Hue’s connected features,” Etherington reports. “The official tool means that developers can depend on it as a stable channel through which to build Hue integration into their products.”

Etherington reports, “The developer tools will be available free to anyone who wants to create applications and devices that connect to the Hue system. Philips will also continue to work on expanding the Hue line, said George Yianni, HUe System Architect, with new lightbulb types to follow soon. With new third-party investment in the Hue ecosystem, as well as more from Philips itself, it’s about to become a lot more than just a different kind of lightbulb.”

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  1. Cool. Can’t wait for more apps.

    Philips also need to come out with a single-color ‘smart’ light bulb to replace regular light bulbs. I have 4 Hues that work great and in areas to utilize the multicolor functionality. However, I would like to put some in my garage, cellar, etc, where I don’t need an expensive multicolor light source, but still be able to control on-off, timing, brightness etc.

  2. This is shocking! Don’t they know the correct order is to disallow third party apps at first and make a web interface available? Later, much later, you can make an SDK available.


    1. Prices are coming down, just like any new product.

      it you think this is just a bulb, you must not have been paying attention. One bulb will provide any color needed by anyone at any time. That alone will save me hours at the hardware store and a pantry full of bulbs that didn’t meet spousal approval.

      … and being an LED bulb, it will last over 20 times what an incandescent will, while saving significant electricity too. A typical LED bulb can pay for itself in months. A Hue, perhaps a year or two. We’re planning to give it a try.

      1. Prices currently are at $60 and seems to be staying there. I watched the Hue youtube videos when they first released it. While I applaud the “cool” factor, I don’t like the implementation of it. The technology (wifi) should be in the light fixture itself or a light socket adapter (not the bulb) to keep costs down of the bulb itself.

        Philips should also work with other manufacturers to make a standard in home automation and get Apple to help with tie-ins to Siri.

        “Siri, make me a cup of coffee. Cream and sugar.”

        “Starting it now Correctu”

        “Siri, can you find me a multicolor lightbulb for $20 or less?”

        “No Correctu. That will never happen. They put all of the technology into the light bulb instead of the light fixture.”

        “Siri, I think I forgot to flush when I made a dookie”

        “Your toilet has been flushed”

  3. I really like Hue. Don’t have to leave lights on so it’s not dark when I arrive home. Just tap and the lights go on. Or I can set a time for each or all lights.

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