Apple’s next-gen ‘iPhone 5S’ to feature fingerprint sensor, NFC-based ‘iWallet,’ sources say

“A new report out of China claims that Apple has contracted with Taiwan’s Chipbond Science and Technology to build fingerprint sensors into its next-generation iPhone,” AppleInsider reports.

“The details were reported on Monday by China Times, which claimed that the so-called ‘iPhone 5S’ will include both a fingerprint sensor and a near-field communications chip for mobile payments,” AppleInsider reports. “The two items are expected to work in concert with one another, allowing users to easily authorize a transaction with their fingerprint.”

AppleInsider reports, “The details reported on Monday align with what was previously claimed by analyst Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who has a reliable track record in predicting Apple’s future product pipeline. Kuo believes the new iPhone 5S will launch sometime in June or July… ”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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    1. Suri gains telepathic capabilities. Automatically knows the phone number of the ahole in the car preceding you … and sends a slew of anonymous, but wholly appropriate text messages…

        1. Funny!

          As all drivers are faulty, and every car precedes another, an logical infinite regress emerges, punishing the mind of anyone not named Georg Cantor; no wonder Siri is so slow to respond sometimes…

      1. Yup you on on to something there Jean –
        They should not stand out too much with a bloody appendage
        being pressed against an iPhone taping the reader.
        You think it would be difficult to incorporate a pulse
        input into the reader?? Next question!

    1. Doesn’t Apple have a patent application for wireless charging via NFC?? Seems kind of “Apple like” to include NFC if it could do more than just be used as a virtual wallet …

      Adding another level security at the APP side of an NFC Purchase – say with a finger print scan, or even a manual passcode entry, that then allows an iWallet APP to transmit NFC for a limited amount of time to complete the purchase, then shut down the signal – also seems very “Apple like”.

      Like it or not, even with it’s lack of security, NFC is what merchants, Visa, Mastercard and Android are currently using. Merchants have no interest in adding a second Apple proprietary system so that iPhones can do what the others can do at the register.

  1. You mean those clandestine sources that intentionally build market expectations that slow current inventory purchases, and whose real motive is Apple share value reversal.

  2. Apple might use fingerprint scanning to ensure you are who you say you are, or more simply you are the registered user of the phone. Google Nexus will use your fingerprints to notice that your calluses are growing and begin targeting manicure advertisements, vacation packages, etc., to you, and then add therapists to your g+ circle.

  3. Hmm. My analysis:

    1) Fingerprint Sensor: That’s fine as part of a two factor authentication system. It sucks balls as a one factor authentication system. Ripping off fingerprints is EASIER than stealing passwords.

    2) NFC Chips: Unless they have a safety override that requires user action before they work, NIX on NFC. It sucks balls because its too damned easy to trigger it and steal someone’s identity. NO AUTOMATIC NFC TRANSACTIONS EVER! These chips can be a nightmare without protections.

    3) “The two items are expected to work in concert with one another, allowing users to easily authorize a transaction with their fingerprint.” Potentially sucks balls. Sorry. That is NOT two factor authentication. NOT acceptable. Imminent FAIL!

    (No. NFC chips themselves are NOT a form of authentication, so don’t bother ranting at me about it. They are merely triggered data dumps).

  4. I hope there isnt a finger print reader.

    Sad truth is in todays world is some people will be willing to cut off someones hand to get a free starbucks and alike.

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