Apple debuts two new TV ads for iPhone (with video)

Apple today debuted two new television commercials for iPhone and the iTunes App Store, “Discover” and “Brilliant,” on U.S. and Canadian broadcast and cable networks.

As with previous ads in this series, each ad features those insidious, overly enthusiastic, and rather uncool group shouts: “Sharp!” “Discover!” “Sweet!”

Gag. (Other than the group shouts, we like the spots.)

Here they are:

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  1. Well they’re better than the Microsoft Surface commercials. Especially the new Surface Pro commercials. But I must say that they don’t appeal to me. Too fast and not enough good information. Although better than the last bunch of machine gun style commercials from Apple. But not much better. Slow down and show the functions that are unique to the iPhone. Although there isn’t that much that distinguishes the iPhone from its competitors anymore. At least not like two or three years ago. Try not running 15 second ads. You can afford to 30 second ads and one minute ads. Spend the damn money! This is one area where Apple is truly failing. Subpar commercials. Not just for Apple, but for anybody. They really need to do better.

  2. New iMac commercials with OSX Mountain Lion using same theme as iPad & iPhone.
    ROAR! lion
    SLIDE! Zooming around the Dock
    ZOOM! Magic Mouse Multi Touch Pad gestures
    LIFT OFF! Mission Control
    HELLO! iMessage video chat
    WORK! iWork Suite

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