Jim Dalrymple on Apple’s rumored TV-related event in March: ‘Nope’

As per Jeffries & Co. analyst Peter Misek’s claim of an Apple TV-related event set for in March, no less than The Loop‘s Jim Dalrymple says, “Nope.”

There you have it. Ain’t happenin’.

Right on cue, Cult of Mac‘s Buster Heine delivers “A History Of Horrible Apple Predictions From Peter Misek.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. 2013 continues to be yet-another year of worthless Apple rumors.

    My theory: It’s the influx of non-Apple native 😉 people into the Apple community that’s the problem. They bring with them a less rigorous, more abstract and deranged approach to computing. No doubt this has something to do with both the propagandist nature of the Windows platform (IOW: Full of BS) as well as a lower level of technology comprehension and serious interest.

    I don’t see this situation changing. We ‘seniors’ of the Apple community are left to reminisce about the ‘good old days’ when Apple news was reported by a ‘purer race’ of journalists and analysts, people who knew what they were talking about and loved talking about it. Poor geezerly we. 😥

  2. Good, because in March I’m kinda busy. But, I’d love to see an Apple TV with a curved screen and interchangeable rite straps, and an easel like the big samsung tv only like by Apple ya know? And not the fruit, but the electronics company.

  3. I think it’s going to be an Apple TV with better specs that’s fed content from other idevices over AirPlay. The pieces are already with us, they just haven’t been fully put together.

  4. i love how apple still keeps all these people guessing. there must be a lot of key apple people who are in the know and spend a lot of time laughing at analysts. except, of course, when they spread malicious rumours to manipulate the share price

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