iPhone trademark owner in Brazil ‘open’ to selling rights to Apple

“The owner of the iPhone trademark in Brazil, IGB Eletronica SA, said it would consider selling the naming rights to Apple Inc.,” Christiana Sciaudone reports for Bloomberg News. “‘We’re open to a dialogue for anything, anytime,’ Eugenio Emilio Staub, chairman of IGB, said in an interview in Sao Paulo, adding that the company hasn’t been contacted by Apple. ‘We’re not radicals.'”

Sciaudone reports, “IGB’s Gradiente brand filed to register the trademark in 2000 and was awarded the rights in 2008. While Apple has sold its globally known mobile phone in Brazil for several years, Gradiente started selling its iPhone in December.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I wonder why they did not bring up this issue earlier when Apple inc. was in talks with Cisco to share the iPhone name back in 2007/8? Why now? Is it because there is now a large iPhone assembly plant due to open in Brazil? If Apple inc. refuse to initiate talks, will they sue Apple inc.? Can they sue Apple inc. having not asserted their trading name for five years plus? Any Brazilian patent law experts to comment on this issue?

      1. Luke,

        Calm down. You are the one that is going ballistic. Do you have any sense that pdr400 is not promoting violence but trying to be over the top. Maybe he does not succeed but dude take your prozac and take a time out. Luke please don’t reproduce either.

        1. Now now, RL,

          I wholeheartedly agreed with you the first remark but that last one is uncalled for. There is no such thing as us Americans. I live in one of the smaller nations in the world, one forever grateful for the 40-45 support from the US, UK and Canada, and there is not even a thing as us Dutch. Americans have a lot to be proud of, but please, be a little modest, when it is clear to every one on earth that the US is big in many ways, you do not need to re-emphasize. That fact that a large part of the world puts up with some of the stunt the US pull is evidence that you are being cut some slack every now and then. So thank you for saving our asses and thank you for consuming an irrational and disproportional amount of energy.

          Yours, Ivar

  2. …adding that the company hasn’t been contacted by Apple

    Which distresses him greatly, so he’s trying to shill his Brazilian trademark out in public so maybe Apple will pay attention and fork over some dough for it. Yawn.

    He’s gonna have lots of fun with his iPhone trademark, like it’s ever going to be relevant to anything but Apple. 😯

    1. +1

      Just reprogram the laser etcher for the batch going for sale in Brazil. Constrain the supply targeted for Brazil so you have no leftovers, and let them enjoy their iPhone trademark for as much as they can.

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