Apple subtly increasing some of its PR to get its message out

“Apple has been subtly increasing some of its PR — at least for now,” Jessica E. Lessin reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Last week, the company issued a press release to announce it was upgrading its mobile operating system from iOS 6 to 6.1. It was the first time Apple has issued an official press release for a non-major mobile software release unrelated to a new device since 2010,” Lessin reports. “At the same time, Apple communications staff have recently sent reporters more favorable third-party reports about the company, including a study predicting that by 2014, Apple will be as accepted in the enterprise as Microsoft is today.”

Lessin reports, “Rather than a big shift, the latest moves represent a recognition that competition is heating up, a person familiar with the matter says.”

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  1. I’m getting a software update message on my iPhone 4s and iPad2 for iOS 6.1 Beta 4. However I’m not a developer. I called Apple Tech Support yesterday, all they could say was that it shouldn’t be happening and not to install the update. Has anyone else experienced this??

  2. Yes, I can see how this could be confusing. That is PR. Apple is new to DOING THEIR JOB AND DEFENDING THEIR STOCK AND INVESTORS. Sorry, 4 months of stress is overwhelming sometimes. As a Apple investor, I was retiring last year. Now, I am working another year or two until this stupidity is fixed.

  3. kew062-

    It’s possible someone entered your phone’s unique id to their developer db, miss-typing of course, indicating your unit for development. Yes do not install the beta 4 update. Just go to iTunes and let it perform the update and the message on your phone will go away.

    1. Tks for the tip. I’ll give that a shot. One of my MacMini Server HD’s crashed, had to be replaced, just finished that today, working on getting everything back up and running, will check iTunes for the update. Funny thing, the same message came up on my iPad too, so I’m thinking the chance of the unique ID being mistaken on that one is beyond probability.

      1. If I had to guess, it looks like your Apple/iTunes account has been identified as a developer account. I don’t think individual devices are tied to the developer status, but the user account is. Just guessing.

    1. Well…. 🙂

      Apple PR *forwards* articles to analysts – that’s sort of an admission that Apple sees the analysts as not doing their jobs (research) themselves, so Apple is going to do it for them.

      It’s not a change in leadership but it may work. And if it does, then we didn’t need a leadership change, did we?!

  4. It’s not the competition that has brought about what looks like a subtle change,it SHOULD be a desire to protect their shareholders interests,their duty, who do after all own the company !

  5. “…a study predicting that by 2014, Apple will be as accepted in the enterprise as Microsoft is today.”


    Apple has no server offering.
    Apple has no real workstation offering.
    Apple’s Macs are not great corporate network citizens — tolerable and definitely workable, but not great.

    Is Apple making significant gains? Yes, but mostly in companies that allow a “Bring Your Own Device” concept where people can bring in their own iPhones and iPads and use them for corporate work and tie into the corporate network.

    If Apple keeps on its current trend then they *may* equal the acceptance of Microsoft by 2016 or so, but absolutely not by 2014.

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