Microsoft wants you to pay $100 a year for Office

“Starting on Tuesday, Microsoft will be offering Office as a subscription service for consumers,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney.

“For $100 a year, ‘Office 365 Home Premium’ customers can put Office on up to five computers (including Apple Macintoshes and Windows 8 tablets) and store up to 27 gigabytes of data on Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service,” Goldman reports. “The subscription includes frequent software updates [to “fix” rampant security flaws – MDN Ed.] and allows users to automatically load their customized Microsoft Office settings on each different device.”

Goldman reports, “Microsoft will still sell Office the traditional way too, but for the first time since 2001, the price tag is going up. Office 2013, which hits store shelves on Tuesday, is priced at $140 for the basic version, a $20 increase over Microsoft Office 2010. The new software costs $220 if you want Outlook and $400 if you want Access and Publisher.
Unlike Office 365, the Office 2013 software won’t receive regular updates.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You don’t want Microsoft Office. Microsoft makes bloated, insecure junk.

Friends don’t let friends use Office. Whenever anyone emails you a .doc attachment, send it back unopened.

On your Mac, you want the the same productivity software you have on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad: Pages (iOS, Mac), Numbers (iOS, Mac) and Keynote (iOS, Mac).

This way, not only will you be saving a ton of money, but your computing devices will be more secure, your productivity app output will look dramatically better, and you’ll be dealing Microsoft its death blow. What could be better?!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “WS” for the heads up.]

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  1. This my friends is the future.
    Adobe now tries to push you to a monthly plan and now MS with Word rental. Once this runs it’s course then they’ll want to start charging by the document. It’s the only sustainable software model. Wait till they start only renting/leasing hardware to us.

    1. First: Be very very careful with 365. Big Brother WILL be watching your every word and number! Read the fine print and if it does not say anything about this, all the more reason for caution!

      Second: Word, because you need .doc / .docx in a business environment and you do NOT want to keep 2 copies. Excel, as said by many others, there is none better. Regardless who owns is, it is good. Outlook, because Mail sucks! There is no alternative, however sad and yes, I have moved back and forward trying to make it work. It does not…..

      1. Outlook is utter shit. Perfect proof that Microsoft does not fix their software that has no large competitor. For a mail client to not be properly multi-threaded in 2013 is an absolute joke.

      2. I agree Apple Mail sucks dog balls. Apple still can’t fix HTML emails to format correctly (numerous Apple forums over the years but still no fix).
        Outlook for Mac has the same formatting issues too, plus it still doesn’t look like a Mac app should.

  2. From the article-

    “The lines between work and home are blurring,” said company spokesman Jevon Fark. “People want a seamless experience across all their devices.”

    – Yup, that means staying away from Microsoft, for sure.

      1. You seem to be very knowledgeable on this subject. Please, tell me how using Google Docs requires me to give Google personal information.

        Oh, you mean this?

        “Our highly-effective targeting can leverage demographic data, as well as unique interest and preference data that taps into user passions that are relevant for your brand.”

        Demographic data… that sounds a lot like personal information! By-jove, they know my age range! Oh the horror! Whatever will I do?

        By the way, that quote is from Apple’s own iAds service. Both companies do targeted advertising. It’s really not that big of a deal.

  3. Obviously MDN doesn’t use a spreadsheet for anything other than keeping recipes. In a real world business/finance environment iWorks is no more than a toy.

    I used Excel since 1998, and tried iWorks’ Number in 2010. For heavy duty usage Numbers is a waste of bytes.

    1. whether someone can spell or not, excel is so much better than numbers for business/technical stuff – this just cannot be disputed. i use numbers once in a while, remember why i can’t do what i want with it, and go back to excel. and i HATE microsoft’s stuff, esp. word. but i have to use word too. the u.s. gov’t requires it use for most proposals. at least i can do presentations in keynote – powerpoint is awful.

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