iPad mini shipments to hit 11 million units this quarter; supply constraints have been overcome, says source

“Apple’s component supply chain may have managed to resolve supply issues, as new reports out of China have production ramping up for the iPad mini as well as the shortage-plagued new iMac,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“The report comes by way of CCIDNet, which cited industry source claims that iPad mini supply constraints have been overcome,” Bostic reports. “Those sources expect first quarter iPad mini shipments to reach about 11 million units. ”

Bostic reports, “Likewise, the source claims that Apple’s suppliers have solved the new iMac bottleneck, and shipments of Apple’s all-in-one desktop can be expected to increase in the first quarter. ”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I want an iPad Mini!
    I want an iPad Mini with Retina Display!
    I want a 4th Gen iPad with 120GB of storage!
    I want a new iMac!
    I want a possible new MacPro!

    Nope. No growth potential in this stock… Potential Apple customers are paralyzed with wanting everything the company makes!

  2. With all of Apple’s innovative billions, they had a supply bottleneck? Really? Nothing keeps the prices high and the customer’s drooling like limiting supply, then letting it trickle out.

    Unless Apple comes out with massive orbiting DeathStars that can provide the world with 50Mps wireless broadband and a Watson-like Siri to the world and its remotest locations, rather than this annual ½ inch larger screen and CU update cr@p, AAPL will see $7 waaaay before it ever sees $700. It is the obnoxious cost of smartphones and service fees that keeps the world from being one. Let the wealthy rule the 2 class system: those with fast communication and information, those without.

    Many areas in the US are still limited to dial-up. Seriously! That’s a major reason why Woz defected to Australia, the land o’ rural 24Mhz fibre (at $24/month). At his US home, he was just 1 mile from the nearest cable and DSL connection, and no company would extend it at ANY price!

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