Judge orders settlement talks prior to trial for Apple and Amazon in ‘App Store’ dispute

“Before Apple and Amazon take their spat over the ‘app store’ trademark into the courtroom, they must first attempt to resolve it in a conference room,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“Though the two companies have a trial date scheduled for Aug. 19, 2013, U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte on Monday ordered them into settlement talks to resolve their differences over the term,” Paczkowski reports. “The discussion is to be held on March 21, and attended by executives with full authority to negotiate and to settle the case.”

Paczkowski reports, “Apple contends that Amazon has improperly used its App Store mark to promote its Amazon Appstore.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nobody was calling them “apps” or selling them in an “App Store” before Apple. Windows sufferers have always referred to “programs” and the Mac has long had “applications,” or apps. Amazon is trying to ride along for free on Apple’s prodigious coattails and should cease doing so. Come up with your own name for your weak collection of programs that run on your bastardized Android tablets and market it yourselves, Amazon.

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  1. I don’t think that Apple invented the use of ‘app’ but they did popularize it. There have been several readers of this site who claim that they used it inside Microsoft years before the App Store was created. Non the less, Amazon is trying to ride the coat tails of Apple on this one.

    1. its not ‘App’ – that matters… its the conjunction word of “AppStore” that was created by Apple.

      And that iTunes had it first. Furthermore, the functionality for what that word actually does for a customer; an online store by which one can “Purchase Applications”.

      In deed, Amazon is a thief here and Apple shpuld be rewarded the rights to ‘1-Click’ plus forcing Amazon to stop what they have fraudulently done.

  2. Apple needs to LICENCE the use of, “one-click” purchase
    from Amazon… so Amazon should pay the damages and licence royalties the term “AppStore”.

    “Amazon.com in 2000 licensed 1-Click ordering to Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) for use on its online store.[10] Apple subsequently added 1-Click ordering to the iTunes Store[11] and iPhoto.[12]” – wiki

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