Check out these cool, prescient early Apple computer and tablet designs

“In German designer Hartmut Esslinger’s new book [Design Forward: Creative Strategy at the Core of Sustainable], the founder of Frog Design overviews ‘strategic design,’ and how innovative progression has sparked creative change in the consumer market, especially for one of the most successful American companies ever built: Apple,” designboom reports.

“Designboom met Hartmut Esslinger shortly before his presentation in Hong Kong and in that occasion we were given the first book copy. He introduced us into the strategic planning of Apple and his personal friendship with Steven Jobs.”

In this article, designboom takes a look back at esslinger’s designs of the early 80’s, where the images document prototypes, concepts and explorations of Apple’s computers, laptops and tablets:

Apple Snow White 3: MacPhone" 1984 (left), Apple Snow White 1:  "Tablet Mac"  -1982 (image: Hartmut Esslinger)
Apple Snow White 3: MacPhone” 1984 (left) and Apple Snow White 1: “Tablet Mac” -1982 (image: H. Esslinger)

More info and many more photos in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Daniel N.” for the heads up.]


    1. I saw an iPhone plug in (plug into headphone jack) that was an old style rotary dial hand held receiver. Why you would want one? No idea, but it would look funny if someone had their iPhone in their pocket walking around while holding one of these curly cord phone receivers. Classic gas station sale for $9.99

  1. Frog Design did the Apple IIgs (external design), which will probably always remain my favorite computer that I have owned. When you put its special display on top of the case, and put the special “slim” ADB keyboard (FYI – first Apple computer with ADB) up against the case, it looked very functional and elegant.

    It was MUCH better looking than its Mac contemporaries, which was first the Mac Plus and then the Mac SE.

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