Woz praises ‘Cycloramic’ panorama app that spins iPhone

Cycloramic [US$0.99] is an iPhone app that uses the vibrate function to steadily rotate the phone while it stands on its end, creating a 360-degree video panorama in the process,” The Telegraph reports.

“Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple with his friend Steve Jobs in the 1970s, made a panorama of his kitchen and told the developers the app was ‘unexpected, fanciful and useful all at the same time,'” The Telegraph reports. “The app, say the developers, works best with the iPhone 5, which has a different vibration motor compared with previous models.”

Full article here.


  1. Tried it on my iPhone 4 (w/o a case) using various smooth, level surfaces including glass…no go. Moved slightly, sometimes.

    Should be sold as an “iPhone 5 ONLY” app.

    1. I’ve created an iPhone app that’s 9 times the price of Cycloramic but it is several times more useful.

      There are several free apps which are also thousand times more useful than Cycloramic.

    1. Hey Listen, without Woz there would be no apple as we know it, PERIOD. Also Woz experiments with all platforms that are out there and gives his opinions accordingly, that also includes being critical, he is not attached to one platform. He is like a used car dealer who gets to drive many different cars in the lot and appreciated the diversity and differences. So stop calling him a hasbeen, he contributed more to the world then you and i ever will. show some respect

      1. @snoop Dogg
        I think you just don’t appreciate the fine nuanced thinking behind x’s comments. And the way he expresses it — well, that is insightful, profoundly persuasive… bordering on poetry — a excellent use of the English language that will, no doubt, go down in history a piece of literature.
        I also think you don’t quite get the fact that everyone in the world who doesn’t think just like x is a stupid prick. So as soon as we all realize that, we’ll all feel much better.

        @ x — get over yourself, you pathetic little shit.

          1. James you are right, I misunderstood G Spank thinking his comment was directed at me, I see you are right, it was directed at X. G Spank, I am sorry and I owe you an apology for misunder standing you. As of now I direct that same comment about contribution to X. Guys thanks for the support, it was really nice to see common sense prevail 🙂

  2. If you watch the video Woz posted of the panoramic he made in his kitchen you will learn a few things.
    1. The video rotation is too fast and has a lot of motion blur in it.
    2. When Woz doesn’t have a big smile on his face he just looks MAD!

  3. You know why they have to keep pointing out that Woz co-founded Apple?
    Because Steve Wozniak hasn’t done anything technologically in 25 years. His contributions at Apple pretty much stopped at the Apple II.
    Why the tech press of all stripes still bothers to “report” every thing that happens to pop into Woz’s head is as annoying as it is pointless.

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