Apple in 2012: The world’s most valuable public company

“Apple had quite the year, refreshing the majority of their product lines, dealing with a controversy or two and fighting off the competition. The company was also the subject of close scrutiny, as investors and others obsessively analyzed Tim Cook’s first year as chief executive officer,” The Washington Post reports. “Legal battles, new competitors and expectations have all buffeted Apple’s ship this year, but at the end of the day it still carries the title of the world’s most valuable public company.”

“With new Macs, Macbooks, iPod models and more, Apple has changed nearly all of its product lines and kept customer demand for its gadgets high,” The Post reports. “And while there was no predicted Apple TV, the company has said that it’s looking for technology markets to disrupt — hinting that there’s still some innovative magic brewing in its research labs.”

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    1. An across the board market correction won’t necessarily see Apple’s dominance erode. Constant stock manipulation on the other hand will continue to be a pain in the keister.

    2. If everyone decreases similarly as the result of a systemic action, then the relative wealth is unchanged. Are you attempting to imply that Apple will be inordinately impacted relative to other companies/market segments?

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