Apple iPad dominates U.S. and Canadian tablet Web traffic with 87% share in December

This Christmas season has a high likelihood of being the biggest ever when it comes to iPad sales. To provide a view of the current market environment, Chitika Insights conducted a study focusing on tablet usage in North America.

To quantify this latest report, Chitika Insights examined a sample of tens of millions of iPad and tablet impressions from the Chitika Ad network. This study was drawn from a date range of December 8th to December 14th 2012, and includes traffic only from the U.S. and Canada.

There has been a negligible impact to Apple’s dominant usage share. Users of Apple’s tablets still generate over 87% of U.S. and Canadian tablet Web traffic, decreasing slightly from just over 88% one month ago.

Chitika Insights average tablet impressions per 100 iPad impressions

Source: Chitika Insights


  1. good that we now know 13% of US+Canada are fringe nut cases =)

    funny how android fans has to constantly tout how Nexus devices are “pure android experience” …. i have news for them : 100% of iOS devices already have “pure iOS experience”.

  2. But! Look at the usage trend! DOWN from 88% to 87% month over month! A linear extrapolation gives Apple only 86 months, or a little over seven years, left to live. Sad!

    Amazon, with its growing ecosystem, is poised to take over the tablet usage space; skyrocketing revenue will offset hardware losses until economies of scale kick in, lowering production costs. Vindication for the Amazon strategic gamble!

    Jeff Bezos will be anointed as the new Steve Jobs, while Apple’s execs join other technology also-rans in the soup lines. Google will expand into the niche vacated by Apple, excellence will be sidelined in favor of mediocrity, privacy abolished, history rewritten, Dark Ages redux.

    1. You called it right. Apple is definitely TRENDING toward that slippery slope of zero growth. I’d say that’s a good reason to downgrade Apple on the spot. Current percentages mean nothing. You need to take at least a FIVE year look into the future to give Apple a proper valuation now. It’s always inevitable that cheap and plentiful will conquer expensive and exclusive. That is called the “Imminent commoditization of Apple” theory. Most fund managers can actually look into the future with their crystal balls and see this happening.

      From what I’ve seen, no matter what percentage of market share Apple has now on both smartphones and tablets, it will only be seen by Wall Street to TREND downward as Android and even Windows X take more market share from iOS. As proof, a recent five year look at Apple’s P/E will show exactly what Wall Street believes will happen. It appears as though Android will soon reach 96% and iOS will sit at 1% market share.

      In other news, the cockroach and fruit fly will ultimately overwhelm all of humankind with their superior numbers and take over the Earth.


  3. You wait…In a year we’ll be reading that apple web share has plunged to 78%. Guess what, when you dominate like this there really is only one direction. Anything above the market share of sales is impressive and right now it is stupidly high. Of course it will drop, from stupidly high to merely absurdly high.

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