Apple on-track to sell 50 million iPhones in Christmas quarter

“If AT&T sells the same percentage of iPhones that it did in last years December quarter it will sell 7.5 million in this December quarter,” Chuck Jones reports for Forbes.

“I have updated my model from my December 3 note to reflect 7.5 million iPhones sold by AT&T, 5.5 million for Verizon and 2 million for Sprint (all of which I believe can be beat),” Jones reports. “To hit a total of 50 million iPhones the rest of the carriers will need to sell 35 million iPhones, which I also believe they can.”

Jones reports, “I believe it can be achieved since the iPhone 5 has been launched in more countries than the 4S. Note that the two million iPhone 5’s sold in China in three days equates to 11 points of sequential growth by itself.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Just one man’s opinion, I don’t think AAPL will move up much till January. Some people are now selling to lock in gains in this tax year. Should see another rise in price around the time of the earnings report in late January.

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