2+ million iPhone 5 units sold in China in first weekend: Apple bears need new thesis

“Suddenly there’s a hole in the Apple bear thesis so big you can drive a truck (full of iPhone 5s) through it,” Jon Fortt reports for CNBC.

“On Sunday night, Apple announced that it sold two million iPhone 5s over launch weekend in China,” Fortt reports. “Two reasons this is significant: One, it makes Apple bulls like Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, who projects that Apple will sell 4 to 5 million iPhones in China in the quarter, look smarter than the bears. And two, combined with the news Friday that Walmart is selling the iPhone 5 in the U.S. for $70 off, it strongly suggests that Tim Cook has worked the kinks out of his supply chain and is managing to deliver a flood of iPhone 5s in a crucial quarter.”

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  1. The bear can say “the end of the world ” is coming , that may make people not buy iPhone coz they need to hide .
    And say Samsung is releasing a new phone that may be killing iPhone .
    And say Tim cook is gay . ….

  2. This is the second time I heard someone say Walmart is selling the flagship iPhone at $70 discount. So if this is true, it must mean there’s something coming soon. 5S in Spring?

  3. I think the bigger picture is how many of those 2 million iPhone owners are new to the Apple ecosystem and how many are repeat customers. If they’re new, then chances are that they’re either upgrading from a dumb phone or switching over from an Android phone. Since Apple’s retention rate is extremely high, most of those switchers are future Apple customers when the iPhone 6 comes out. Not only that but the pool of customers represents a revenue stream for app developers in the Chinese language thereby expanding the depth and breadth of the App Store.

    Google is particularly weak in China as it has virtually no search engine presence in the country – all of China searches are directed to servers in Hong Kong. This is a golden opportunity for Apple to consolidate the China market with potentially 1 billion consumers.

  4. It doesn’t matter if they are new or not. A sale is a sale and that is all the Anal-ists worry about for nothing. Apple is going to smash quarterly earnings and make all of them look like the IDIOTS they are!

  5. “Apple bears”. So what’s new? Apple haters are perennial. They’re almost always perennially WRONG. It’s called TROLLING.

    Suddenly there’s a hole in the Apple bear thesis

    A ‘thesis’ requires some indication of a hypothesis having some validity. When there is no validity evident, a hypothesis is nothing more than a hypothesis. After a hypothesis has been tested and FAILs, the usual thing to do is dump the hypothesis and find something better.

    IOW: “Apple bears”, try again.

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