iPhone 5 twice as popular on launch in China vs. US – but, not really

“Apple also announced for the first time this year first weekend sales for China: 2 million,” Horace Dediu reports for Asymco.

“If we normalize by population, the launch performance shows about 1.5 iPhones sold per 1000 inhabitants,” Dediu reports. “According to ISI’s Brian Marshall, the iPhone achieved 1.5% penetration of the 3G subscriber base or 15 iPhones per 1000 3G subscribers.”

Dediu reports, “If we assumed the same basis (3G subs) that would make the iPhone 5 twice as popular on launch in China than in the US.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t forget that Apple’s quite a bit farther along in their production ramp. iPhone 5 supply is much better now than when it launched in the U.S., over two and a half months ago. There’s no telling how many units Apple could have sold in the U.S. if they had adequate supply. So, without knowing how many U.S. consumers wanted an iPhone 5, but couldn’t get one during launch weekend, there’s no way to adequately determine the popularity of the device at launch in the U.S. versus the China launch weekend over 2.5 months later.

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  1. Over analyzing is a good way to be real STUPID! Do other companies get this kind of CRAP from Anal-ists? Look at Google for instance. There TV products have all failed yet there stock goes up. For what? Just because they have a maps app?
    If Apple even coughs the stock falls like 300 shares and the world is ending. Really????

  2. MDN: They may have been earlier in their production ramp in the US, but they definitely would have had a big enough stockpile to make it through several weeks.

  3. Something that all the media/analysts seem to be missing is that the 2 million iPhone 5s that were sold this weekend went to China’s smallest telco, China Telecom. There are still over 800 million customers at the other two larger telcos still waiting for approval to buy the iPhone 5.

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