Within hours of availability, shipping times for 27-inch iMac slip to 3-4 weeks

“Apple’s big-screen 27-inch iMac looks to be in extremely limited supply this holiday, as the estimated shipping time has already lengthened less than 24 hours after the new all-in-one desktop went on sale,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple’s online store originally advertised that the new 27-inch iMac would ship to new orders within two to three weeks,” Marsal reports. “But just hours after the slimmer iMac became available, new orders are now advertised to ship in three to four weeks.”

Marsal reports, “The revised shipping estimate suggests that new orders may not arrive in time for Christmas.”

Apple's all-new iMac (8th gen)
Apple’s all-new iMac (8th gen)


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Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Once again, like clockwork, Apple has woefully inadequate supply at launch.

You’re in danger of leaving a lot of Christmas iMac sales on the table there, Tim, you ol’ operations genius, you. 😉

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  1. What a stupid, smarmy MDN take. Sorry if you guys haven’t noticed but they have been actively trying to disengage from Samsung in all facets of their business, something you guys pushed for. Finding replacement manufacturers takes time and money. You can’t do that an expect to get iMacs on time.

    Apple told us all 27″ would be available in December. So Christmas comes a month late. It’s like people are going to be throwing up their hands and buying Dells and HP in droves because of the delay.

    1. Good point.
      Do what my friend used to do at Christmas. If the gift isn’t available, cut out a picture of the gift, tape it to some fancy background and wrap that up. Put the estimated arrival time on the picture. Never heard a complaint.

      1. Oh, yes, that’s a much better “solution” than having adequate supply at launch, especially in the Christmas shopping quarter. {sarcasm to the nth degree}

    2. MDN speaks the truth. I like it. I find it refreshing. Some people don’t like to hear the truth, never mind speak it.

      I’m glad I can depend on MDN to call it like they see it, no matter what.

        1. Of course no one knows how many we’re sold before the date extended…. I think everyone including Apple is getting surprised at the brands relatively recent popularity …if they release in November and it is only physically possible to produce 1 million and they get orders for 1.5 million this is a good thing …. I bet Microsoft , Dell and any competitor would LOVE this problem… And guess what … The headline would not be the negative “apple fails to get manufacturing problems straightened out”… It would be “Dell exceeds wildest expectations”…,Apple has to put up with such shit from know nothing blowhards ….but this is the price of success….

      1. I ordered a 27 inch iMac at 12:01 am PST. Finished at 12:10. No problems with the Apple Store as in the past with ordering iPhones and iPads. When I ordered, delivery time frame was 2 to 3 weeks. Now it is 3 to 4 weeks. I’m not surprised at all. I’m also not happy. It’s a Christmas present. Would have been nice if it could have been delivered by Christmas. I even paid $38 extra to expedite shipping. Although I pretty well knew that was a waste of money. But I’m not about to cancel my order, because I can’t go anywhere else in the world and get a new 27 inch iMac. Again, I kind of figured this would happen so I’m not surprised. But again, I’m not happy. I agree with MDN. Not having product ready for sale is getting old. And some people wonder why the stock price is down? Please. As for making excuses for Apple? Defending Apple like it’s your sister? Sorry, I just don’t get that. And I’ve use their products forever and make my living with them. So I’m no casual fan. But I’m not a fan boy either. I’m an adult who calls it like I see it. And Apple needs to do better. Now I wonder if 3 to 4 weeks will start turning into 4 to 6 weeks? As I said, I’m not happy.

    3. The only stupid thing on this page isn’t MDN’s Take.

      For how many weeks has Apple not had an iMac for sale? There’s no genius in that operations management, that’s for damn sure.

    4. Agree 100% that MDN must have had replacement editors on that comment…

      Just placed an order for my 27″ (which I didn’t think would even be available for order until another month anyway)… upgraded 3.9Ghz processor, 32GB ram, 3TB fusion drive, ugraded 2GB video ram… this baby is going to be way too hot for Santa to deliver anyway!! Would set the sled on fire!!

      Gift for myself… and I don’t care if it gets here a week or so after Christmas. I’ve waited a year for this sweet machine, I can wait another week or so.

      1. Sometimes James, it’s just like talking to a brick wall around here. And I don’t care if they did announce that they wouldn’t be available until November or December, that is still unacceptable. 27 inch iMacs have not been available for quite some time. That’s a lot of sales down the drain. Not everyone will wait. I did but others will spend their money on something else. And if you check the reviews, they’re not glorifying the new iMac. It has its issues. If you want honest reporting check AppleInsider. Completely unbiased reporting. And they don’t change the headlines to constantly praise Apple. You get the good and the bad. Just as you should, just as you should expect.

  2. At 2:02am CST, I was configuring my new 21.5″ iMac. Just like clockwork, they appeared available to “Buy Now” as the calendar flipped to November 30 PST.

    I was online with crucial.com this morning and they claimed to have the 8-to16 GB RAM upgrade for the 21.5″ machine, but the configuration options cautioned to order the iMac with the memory configuration you wanted because it could not be added post-purchase.

    Anyone have more info on that?

    1. According to OWC, the 21.5 new iMac memory is upgradable, BUT, its slightly difficult to do. OWC is doing someadditional digging (presumably iFixit style) to let us know how, and what the options are. Here is a part of an email they sent today

      The good news – iMac Memory is definitely upgradeable. The 2012 iMac 21.5″
      is also far easier to open up than its predecessor. Which is a good thing
      since you will need to remove the screen and logic board to perform the
      memory upgrade. The new design appears to make this very straight forward
      with the correct tools.

      **Interim Update**
      While the iMac does come apart in a much more straight forward manner,
      there is a glue that must be heated around the perimeter of the screen to
      allow the screen to come off. We will be reviewing various processes for
      providing this heat, but this is not going to be as easy an upgrade as
      first perceived. While everything inside is confirmed very easy to work
      with, getting the screen off to get inside is a little more of a
      challenge. We are going to look at several options, but this may end up
      being an upgrade best done by a professional or at the factory.

      more to come at blog.macsales.com

  3. Will apple fire the managers who were responsible for a Christmas with no desktops to sell….Oh I guess that would be bob mansfield, the guy who just sold $20m worth of stock.

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