Apple’s Bob Mansfield cashes in 35,000 AAPL shares ahead of fiscal cliff

“Apple’s recently re-upped Bob Mansfield has cashed in 35k shares of his stock at a price of $582.21 a share,” Matthew Panzarino reports for The Next Web. “At that current valuation, the stock is worth a payday of roughly $20,377,507.50 to the long-time Apple vet.”

“Mansfield is still in posession of 29,548 shares and stands to take possession of another 150,000 shares in June of 2013 and March of 2016 if he stays with the company,” Panzarino reports. “Recently, Apple appointed Mansfield as SVP of its Technologies group, during a restructuring that saw SVP Scott Forstall ousted and his responsibilities divvied up between other staff.”

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  1. While I certainly don’t have anywhere near that many shares, my financial advisor has been prompting me to think hard about selling my AAPL now… not because of the fiscal cliff, per se, but because capital gains taxes are likely to go up. I’m still thinking it over. As for Mr. Mansfield, he’s probably just rebalancing his portfolio in prudent ways, not signaling any confidence issues.

    1. What sort of definitive action do you take against an uncertainty? They could come to a last minute agreement, or not. They could allow the deadline to lapse and then compromise. But if not, capital gains tax rates for most Americans would merely rise to 20%, still very low historically. And if AAPL very likely returns to $700/share, you would be substantially ahead by waiting and paying the higher CG tax rate, rather than selling in the 580s now. But we don’t know what they will do, they might leave it at 15% for the 99.9% of us. But taxes have to go up, it’s the unfunded tax cuts for the top brackets that got us into this mess.

      1. RE: ” …it’s the unfunded tax cuts for the top brackets that got us into this mess.”

        If you check, you’ll find it’s mostly excess spending, not “tax cuts” that are driving the biggest deficits in world history.

        For years the “rich” in the top brackets have been paying way more than their “fair share”:

        Top 1% pay 36.73% of total income taxes collected
        Top 5% pay 58.66% of total income taxes collected
        Top 10% pay 70.47% of total income taxes collected

  2. Why the reference to the fiscal cliff? You might as well have said he cashes in 35k shares ahead of Christmas. Or Hannukah. Or his kids’ birthdays. Pure speculation by MDN since the fiscal cliff may not happen. Tax rates may stay the same.

    1. Right – it’s normal to wait for an entire year till about a few minutes before the New Years ball drops to decide how much you are going to steal next year? Of course tax rates don’t matter to the 47% who don’t pay any.

  3. Dear Bob,

    I expect you had a good reason to cash in the AAPL stock. But it does make you look like a SUCKER for AAPL stock manipulation. You DO know AAPL’s actual worth, don’t you. Cashing in now is going to look supremely silly in six months when AAPL bangs past $800. But when you need the dough, you need the dough.

    1. Apple depends on a vibrant economy to sell their stuff to individuals, schools, businesses. The current economy is near Depression. To fix it, our Leader is suggesting vast increases in government spending at a time when no domestic bond companies want to even buy government bonds, and second, huge tax increases. In other words, to fix the economy our Leader must destroy the economy. So, Apple stock, and all others, are likely to crater despite great products as people lose their jobs and watch their home values shrink and they are forced to go on government relief. Bob – smart move. But beef jerky and guns.

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