Study: Windows 8 PCs loaded with crapware

“In a recent study on Windows 8 crapware, tech news site InformationWeek polled PC makers to see what software they were bundling into their computers,” Don Reisinger reports for MIT Technology Review. “The vendors were surprisingly forthright, detailing the many first- and third-party programs added to their PCs.”

Reisinger reports, “Crapware has long been a thorn in the sides of Windows users. Consumers and enterprise users buy PCs under the faulty impression that they’ll be getting a completely clean computer when they break open the box. Instead, they find a PC that’s been loaded up with junk that they typically don’t need. What’s worse, all of that software slows down boot times and performance, since the programs are usually set to load automatically and typically run in the background.”

“Microsoft is nice enough to offer a ‘Signature’ experience to Windows shoppers that improves boot times and increases shut down speeds. Best of all, the company removes all trialware before shipping PCs to customers,” Reisinger reports. “But like anything else in the land of crapware, there’s a catch: Microsoft charges $99 for Signature.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Platform o’ Crap.

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  1. There’s a photo of SinOfSky standing in front of a table full of Windows 8 machines with their Fisher Price tiles all ablaze. Looks like some cheap 80s arcade or a strip mall Pachinko parlor.

    (Don’t get me wrong…I like the 80s…for the music tho.)

  2. It’s been so long since I built and ran a Wintel Box, I had almost erased from my memory all the negative aspects of MSFT’s OS. Crapware, rebooting, reinstalling and hunting up all my other programs, blue screen of death. Thanks MDN for bringing up all the horror that is Windows. I’ll try to forget them again by firing up my new 27″ IMAC.

  3. Not many comments after the story yet, but here’s a particularly revealing one concerning Android:

    Hador –
    “These days the problem is hardly limited to Windows PCs as most smart phone users who purchased their phone through their provider will know.

    Every time I get a firmware update for my Android phone I get about a dozen of crapware Apps which clog the phone and worst of all: Unlike on a Windows PC most of these Apps cannot actually be de-installed without rooting the OS….which of course can be done, but usually voids your warranty….”

    1. This is so damning, I can’t begin to fathom it. I don’t do Android or Windows, but I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to start with all this crapware to deal with.

  4. all normal gadget users say that iOS is the full crap compare with Android and i agree with them 100% beeing iPad retina user and Nexus 4 ( because of wait a lot more from iphone 5) Just try to figure out what you missing using crap iOS instead of more customized Android. Apple – it’s all about the style and nothing else except ipad 3 which is still the best large retina-quality display on the market for a while. BTW you’ll pay 3 time more buying Mac for the same parameters on PC

    1. Dear Samsung: You really SHOULD look harder for your anti-Apple trolls AND pay them better. Is this the best troll you could find?

      because of wait a lot more from iphone 5
      Just try to figure out what you missing using crap iOS instead of more customized Android
      BTW you’ll pay 3 time more buying Mac for the same parameters on PC

      These aren’t just lies. They’re pathetically inept. Do try harder. Samsung, you’re making a fool out of yourself, again.

  5. While this is no defense of the crap that gets loaded on those things, enterprise users won’t see it. Companies will normally have their own custom image configuration that they’ll load on new systems after wiping the drive. But consumers and small businesses will certainly deal with it.

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