Windows 8 sales are ‘slow going, disappointing’

“Further confirming our suspicions that Windows 8 is off to a slow start, a Newegg senior vice president has said that sales of Windows 8 have been ‘slow going,'” Sebastian Anthony reports for ExtremeTech. “Likewise, sales of hardware with Windows 8 pre-installed has been ‘slow and steady.'”

“These quotes come from Merle McIntosh, Newegg’s senior vice president of product management, in an interview with ReadWrite. The fact that Newegg, one of the world’s largest retailers of computers, components, and associated paraphernalia, is actually going on the record to register its disappointment is a huge blow for Microsoft,” Anthony reports. “In the absence of official figures from Microsoft, Newegg’s Windows 8 stats are probably the best bellwether that we could hope for — or the worst, depending on your point of view.”

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Paul Thurrott reports for SuperSite for Windows, “Sales of Windows 8 PCs are well below Microsoft’s internal projections and have been described inside the company as disappointing.”

“One of my most trusted sources at Microsoft confirmed Windows 8’s weak start this week,” Thurrott reports. “consumers have plenty of choice these days, and many are quite comfortable stretching out the next PC purchase and using a companion device, like an iPad or other tablet. The problem is, they may discover that’s all the computer they need and simply opt out of Windows going forward.”

MacDailyNews Take: Not a problem, Paulie. Not a problem at all – well, except for Microsoft or anyone stuck with umpteen Windows-releated domain names, that is. 😉

Thurrott writes, “It’s a floor wax. No, it’s a dessert topping. Microsoft’s new whatever-the-F-it-is operating system is a confusing, Frankenstein’s monster mix of old and new… Confusing? You bet. And I actually get this stuff. What’s a typical consumer to think?”

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MacDailyNews Take: This train wreck is going to be sooooo verrrrry enjoyable!

Now, what was that we said a year and a half ago? Oh, yeah:

Our initial impression is that Microsoft, in trying to cram everything into Windows 8 in an attempt to be all things to all devices, will end up with an OS that’s a jack of all trades and a master of none (which, after all, ought to be Microsoft’s company motto)… We simply do not see the world clamoring for the UI of an iPod also-ran now ported to an iPhone wannabe that nobody’s buying to be blown up onto a PC display.

From what we’ve seen so far, Windows 8 strikes us as an unsavory combination of Windows Weight plus Windows Wait.

Not to mention that probably no one on earth knows how much or what kinds of residual legacy spaghetti code roils underneath it all (shudder)… No matter what, if Microsoft’s going to ask Windows sufferers to “learn a whole new computer” (and that’s exactly how they’ll look at it, regardless of how Microsoft pitches it), millions will simply say, “Time to get a Mac to match my iPod, iPhone, and iPad!”

As if they needed it: More good news for Apple.MacDailyNews Take, June 6, 2011

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Mark A.” for the heads up.]

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  1. The stench of failure slowly spreads like mustard gas over the ruined landscape, filling the bomb craters gaping like eye sockets. The fetid wind nudges a sock puppet through the blackened weeds. In the high castle, a bald man sighs deeply.

    1. No more post-apocalyptic rants against MS bald man Ballmer.

      I’m personally hope it will be seppuku rather than mustard gas as the rest of the MS crew deserves to survive.

    2. @hannahjs-
      Just great! You’re a natural.

      “…nudges a sock puppet through the blackened weeds. In the high castle, a bald man sighs deeply.”

      Brilliant and beautiful.

      1. DAMN! Good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read that!
        But now that I think about it, rubber dog shit sounds pretty cool and would have its uses. Unlike the Surface.

    1. I just watched the Oprah’s Favorite Things show on OWN (my wife was watching) and I saw how Oprah picks her “favorite” things. For the Surface, a Microsoft rep brings in one they have customized with a picture of Oprah and her dogs as the wallpaper. She looks at it and likes how it looks. They fold down the keyboard cover and they ooooo and aaaahhh to it and she says OK, it’s on the favorite things list. She NEVER EVER used it or even got past the lock screen. She doesn’t even know if thing works at all.

      1. Pathetic, disingenuous promotion. The reps probably didn’t even know how to use it. Rep: “You wanna know what’s the coolest thing about this $629 machine? The clicking sound of the kickstand. It’s like a truck door opening and closing. So cool.” Oprah: “You have my wire instructions right?”

  2. A few years ago, when Microsoft panicked over iPhone, they essentially abandoned their large existing base of Window Mobile customers, and “rebooted” their entire mobile effort with Windows Phone 7. And many of those existing customers abandoned Microsoft and got an iPhone.

    More recently, Microsoft panicked over iPad… This time (with Windows 8), they have abandoned their HUGE existing based Windows (desktop) customers, to go after (the potential for) new tablet customers. Many of those existing customers will abandon Microsoft and get a Mac and/or an iPad.

    Microsoft only had those customers because Windows was their “default choice” for years. When there is a “considered choice,” most customers (especially consumers) will not choose Windows. Once they are gone, most will never go back to Windows.

    1. Totally agree. I think M$ have painted themselves completely into a corner with W8.

      W8 breaks just about every UI design rule you can think of – I’m all for simplification but to dumb down an interface to the degree found in W8 makes me wonder if the designers have thought any of this through at all. The start screen is a gaudy infantile childish landscape of the most basic kind and whoever thought up the term “Charms Bar” needs taking out the back and given a straight choice of death by firing squad or strangulation by hanging…

      An OS should be intuitive enough to be used by Grandma, sophisticated enough to be used by geeks & techies and capable enough to be of real use to Joe Public. It should enable the user to do what they need to do in as intuitive a way as possible but W8 has managed to annoy / confuse / distract / confound in every way possible to the point where there are forums showing how the Start screen can be avoided, how the Start button can be re-introduced, how you can boot into W7 etc etc.
      As a Mac user all of this is entirely alien to my way of thinking and my experience with OSX.

      It’s no good either for M$ fans to say that after a certain time you can learn all the new tricks of W8 – a good GUI should make plain how to do the basics straight away while allowing users to discover more functionality as they move forward.

      Obviously the biggest killer for W8 was to make this the de-facto UI for ALL classes of device. This wouldn’t have been such a bad idea if W8 actually recognised what device it was running on and adapted itself to suit its host environment but as far as I can tell this has not been done. Hint to M$ – phones / tablets / desktops are DIFFERENT beasties! They are used differently and they need different capabilities. Simple enough to understand I would have thought?

      Additionally it must have been obvious to M$ that the W7 desktop functionality needed to remain available since real people will still need folders and documents and multiple resizable windows open but when they found that this did not translate well to a touch interface or they did not have the time to adapt it they threw it in as an “app” and instantly created the potential for mass confusion.

      Even if you have a touch screen are you really expected to move around with the mouse and every now and again touch the screen to navigate? Really? I wouldn’t want to work that way, I positively hate fingermarks all over my screen…

      So where do M$ go from here? If they persist with W8 they will have to re-design a large portion of it to better integrate the desktop environment. If they make the W7 experience better suited to touch everyone will need to upgrade to a touch screen to gain the benefits. If they go the whole hog with W8 and do away with the W7 environment they have a hell of a lot of code to write since this will impact on all of the existing apps that expect to run in W7.

      At the end of the day M$ have managed to annoy a whole cross section of their own user base, mosly put off potential new customers and switchers and this does’t even begin to consider what damage they may have done by competing with their own OEM partners. This is idiocy on a truly grand scale – it will be interesting to see how M$ respond to problems entirely of their own making.

      1. “it will be interesting to see how M$ respond to problems entirely of their own making.”

        All they’ve ever done is bury their head in the sand over the security issues. Put their hands over their ears about the infringement issues. And covered their mouths with lawyers over monopoly issues. I don’t expect them to respond responsibly in any shape or form this time.

  3. “many are quite comfortable stretching out the next PC purchase and using a companion device, like an iPad or other tablet. The problem is, they may discover that’s all the computer they need and simply opt out of Windows going forward.”

    Yep, that’s about the gist of it.

    1. It used to be 95%… Back (not that long ago) when Apple was still struggling and all “computers” were on the desktop or laptop. Today, it’s not even close to 80% (lower), if you count ALL computing devices, including smartphones and tablets.

    2. Its a slow process, Apple left the education market and for years Windows dominated. That fed through into Government and unfortunately they are organisations that take a long time to change anything – because its so expensive to deliver any change in government departments.

  4. Where the Mac and Osx better than Windows 8 Vista 2 ads?
    New mac mini, where the ads?
    where the imac ads?
    No generic Mac ads. Mac PC guy ads stopped in 2009.
    No imac ads for years (in my area).

    Perhaps you’ve forgotten where you left the Mac marketing guy, find him apple, wake him up, dust him off and ask him to SELL.

    with Macs only 5% of world marketshare and more and more realizing win 8 is a turd… strike!

  5. Ok, here’s what’s going to happen.

    Gates will start a startup called “VeXt” (a confused computer maker) and a movie studio utilizing equipment from VeXt called “Nixar”. Ballmer will buy VeXt and Gates will come back and fire Ballmer’s ass. Followed by a tweaking of some products, people (espeacially Bloggers) will then start comparing MS to what Apple was when Steve Jobs came back to Apple. And the rest will be opposite to Apples’ history.

  6. What happens when all the PC’s loaded with Windows 7 that were stuffed into the supply channel run out? Then we’ll really see PC sales plummet and pressure on M$ by the OEM’s to allow more Windows 7 PC’s.

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