Users report dead Apple TVs after installing software update; manual downgrade reportedly resurrects device

“Problems associated with the latest software update for the Apple TV set-top box have resulted in non-functional units for some users,” AppleInsider reports. “Details of the issues can be found in a growing thread discovered by AppleInsider at the Apple Support Communities website. There, users of the iOS-based Apple TV models indicate that upgrading the software on their device has rendered it useless.”

“Manually downgrading the Apple TV software has been discovered to work as a possible fix for those affected by the issue,” AppleInsider reports. “The process requires installing an IPSW restore file from Apple, plugging the Apple TV into a Mac or PC with a micro USB cable, and force restoring the software through iTunes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our AppleTVs were upgraded without incident, how ’bout yours?


  1. Since my Apple TV has a 160GB HD it was not affected. My ‘other’ Apple TV is a Mac Mini.

    No really sold on the hockey puck although I have given a few as presents.

  2. I haven’t had access to iTunes Store or Match for about a week and a half now. Whenever I try to watch purchased content it says “AppleTV cannot connect to server”. Netfkix and YouTube work, just not my iTunes apps 🙁

  3. We’re having the same problem with our AppleTV2, after the update we have a nonstop blinking light and a screen telling us to connect to iTunes. Tried connecting the mini usb cable to restore via iTunes with no luck. Tried downgrading to old version but we get an error message. Frustrating.

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