U.S. NTSB dumps beleaguered RIM BlackBerry over reliability issues, switches to Apple iPhone 5

“Research In Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry is being dropped by the U.S. government agency that investigates plane accidents because of the device’s reliability issues,” Nick Taborek and Hugo Miller report for Bloomberg.

“The National Transportation Safety Board disclosed its plan to switch to Apple Inc.’s iPhone 5 in a document posted last week to a federal website,” Taborek and Miller report. “The BlackBerrys have been ‘failing both at inopportune times and at an unacceptable rate,’ according to the NTSB’s notice.”

Taborek and Miller report, “RIM, based in Waterloo, Ontario, has been hit by recent defections from U.S. agencies and is counting on its new BlackBerry 10 devices to shore up business among its more than 1 million government customers in North America.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The end is nigh for DCW.

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  1. Although they’ve had this coming for a while, it’s like watching baby seals getting clubbed at this point. Sad and pathetic. Someone just put them out of their (and our) misery.

  2. RIMM said once upon a time? Ummm
    Something about professionals? Some type of hour? Hmmm
    I’ll have to go back to my notes when I was studying an Amatur hour class. Arrogant, greedy, COMPLACIENT!!!, third rate RIMM JOB deserves every bit of what is going down! Too bad all the hard working slaves @ RIMM have to suffer for such narcissism and parsimonious behavior at the top.

    1. Storm III – The total annihilation of all things Crackberry & beyond. Inferior technology is a gross understatment when considering all things Blackberry. Ponder the moral within the RIMM walls up north.

  3. … fooling around at gala balls and charity events (sucking up the applause as chief guest) while iPhone was starting to move.

    I was living in Canada at the time but an Apple fan.
    I could not believe the DIFFERENCE between the hyper focused S. Jobs (already suffering from cancer) pushing out his products (the phone, upgrades app store etc) and the crazy antics of the Rim CEOs.

    In my brain I was going : “Rim dudes, don’t you know what is happening? ” But of course few except apple fans believed at the time it was going to be a revolution.

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