Logitech debuts Mac-based video surveillance software

“Today, Logitech is expanding our Logitech Alert lineup by introducing Logitech Alert Commander for Mac OS X, a new powerful software desktop application that easily turns your Mac into a video security command center,” Nick Cuniffe blogs for Logitech. “Mac users can now setup and install their Alert systems without needing a Windows based computer!”

“With our new Mac software, you can configure, control and view video from you Logitech Alert Security System directly from your Mac,” Cuniffe writes. “Alert Commander for Mac OS X is available for free in the Mac App Store, supports Mac OS version 10.6.8 and higher, and works with all existing versions of our Logitech Alert security cameras.”

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Alert Commander for Mac OS X supports up to six Logitech Alert security cameras and gives you the flexibility to keep an eye on your property and loved ones,” Cuniffe writes. “With a wide-angle lens that delivers twice the viewing area than that of a standard camera and HD resolution video, home security has never looked this good. Plus, there is a new pop-out window feature that allows you to minimize the main app while continuing to watch one or more cameras while you multi-task. Work on a presentation or browse the web, and still keep an eye on what’s important.”

“Additionally, you can access previously recorded clips — play, pause, forward and rewind video – ensuring no action is missed,” Cuniffe explains. “To make it easier to review your recordings, just mouse over the timeline and see a thumbnail of the action that triggered a recording. And just like the Windows version, you can back up your video recordings to your Mac’s HD to archive for a later review.”

Cuniffe writes, “On vacation, a business trip or at the office? You can receive text alerts with photo snapshots to your e-mail or mobile device when suspicious motion is detected. You can also schedule desktop notifications to appear at a certain time each day. No matter where or how far away you are from your home or business, Logitech Alert offers you peace of mind.”

Source: Logitech


  1. I bought into Bensoftware SecuritySpy which runs on an old iMac and has been ultra reliable, so Logitech’s system will have to be good. Lots of camera support and remote control. All monitored from an iPad…you know, that useless toy 🙂

  2. Nice! I have two alert systems running and have to dust off an old xp laptop to do the setup and local backup, now I can finally throw it in the garbage and use one of my macs.
    The windows software had a lot of quirks and bugs but the cameras perform flawlessly

  3. I’m a fan of all-in-one software like Xeoma. My business has been using monitoring software that tracks employees’ PCs. In my experience, it’s a great way to boost effectiveness of work. Still when a have the necessity I can connect it to the cams I have around almost on the fly and use it as a video surveillance means. Look for it, it’s a nice one with tons of features (www.xeoma.com or something).

    As for Logitech, call me a skeptic but I doubt that it will work smoothly with other manufacturers’ cams. Usually software that goes with cams is – well, generally rubbish. I threw away my Panasonic’s. Interested to try this Logitech’s innovation, still not likely to change my mind.

  4. The choice of video surveillance software is huge, it is true. Apart from functionality I was seeking for simplicity and good usability, so Xeoma software appeared to be a boon for me.

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