Analyst ups rating on Apple to ‘Strong Buy’

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) may have pulled back substantially from its highs, but one research upgrade has come out today,” Jon C. Ogg reports for 24/7 Wall St.

“S&P Capital IQ raised its rating to Strong Buy from Buy,” Ogg reports. “As recently as yesterday we saw that S&P Capital IQ had a Buy rating and a $700 price target. The call is after shares have fallen by 23% or so from their recent highs. but analyst Scott Kessler is not changing his price target objective from the $700 mark.”

Ogg reports, “S&P Capital IQ sees the fundamental story unchanged and intact and Kessler believes that Apple could decide to allocate more capital toward dividends and buybacks.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Apple continues to shed value in the face of an immense threat from SURFACE. Until Apple responds with a seriously upgraded iPad, expect the Apple share price bloodbath to continue.

    1. leaked internal memos from Apple show that Tim Cook is very concerned about Surface affecting his staff.

      Apparently Apple workers are laughing so hard at Surface reading reviews like: “bug ridden, unresponsive touch controls: images stagger like frames from a silent movie, touch covers splitting like ripe watermelons… ” etc that more than a few have hurt themselves laughing too hard: fallen off chairs etc.

      Tim Cook: “if Phil (Shiller) was too get a hernia laughing at Surface we will be in serious trouble”.

      1. I think he is trying to joke… but not really sure. 🙁

        Actually, I saw a Surface yesterday at a Microsoft store. The machine actually felt solid and not bad in the hand. Its a little heavy, but I got things like pictures and email to open.

        However, trying to figure out how to make it work to do what I wanted was pretty bad. I use a Dell pc at work and the whole swiping stuff was weird. Not just swiping but the list of what to do to open, close, etc was a page long!!!!!!!

        Cover looked ok too, but just not sure why I would want to buy one. My friend has an iPad and it works much more sensible.

        Just a thought.

    1. Fiscal Cliff is real. Apple probably is the stock with the most capital gains and people don’t want to get taxed at a higher rate on those tremendous gains, thus they are selling.

      Obama indicating he is going after higher rates on capital gains and dividends basically is causing the bloodbath. Has nothing to do with surface.

  2. Reentered 10% of my portfolio at 536 something today. I sold all my Apple shares when Cook the apologist failed in his answers to questions about iP5 supply shortages. My purchase is for a trade since AAPL is way oversold and due for a pop.

    I still have little confidence in Cook’s ability to run Apple until he proves me wrong with meaningful product improvements, not incremental upgrades, a well-oiled supply chain system, not chronic product supply shortages, and meet or exceed earnings estimates with improved margins.

    1. says there’s a rumor that the new iMacs may be delayed into 2013 due to manufacturing difficulties. If true, what’s the f*ck is going on at Apple? Is there anything free of production issues, delays, and supply shortages? It’s an epidemic. Cook is a frigging supply chain mediocre and sad excuse for CEO.

    2. I’m more than slightly pissed with Cook, but maybe there’s some component transitions to other companies taking place and I’m sure only time and practice will increase yields on the latest displays. I’d like to give Cook the benefit of the doubt and probably wouldn’t be as annoyed if Apple wasn’t down 22% from just over a month ago. That has me spitting fire at whomever seems likely the most to blame.

  3. That “strong buy” upgrade really gave Apple’s share price a massive jolt… Oh, wait…

    I don’t think a nuclear explosion would lift Apple’s share price at this rate. Apple’s share price movement defies all logic.

  4. Apple just lost a $368 million dollar patent lawsuit. Samsung isn’t playing ball with them. Apple’s stock needs to grow 33% just to get back to its highs, where Samsung, even after losing the billion dollar suit only needs to grow ten percent or so. The market is speaking and Note 2 smartphones along with Galaxy S3 smartphones are eating up the market. Now there is the new HTC Droid DNA whose display puts the iphone to shame. Samsung is making phones for all markets, and Apple is trying to own the high end market, but it doesn’t look like they are going to be able to do it as time goes on.

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