iTunes Match: One year in

“On November 14, 2011 (a few weeks later than promised), Apple released iTunes Match, a $25-a-year, cloud-based service designed to provide access to your iTunes music library from a computer, iOS device, or Apple TV,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Macworld.

“The idea is simple: iTunes scans your music library, sends the information about your songs to Apple’s servers, and then either ‘matches’ music that’s in both your library and the iTunes Store, or uploads the music that isn’t in the iTunes Store,” McElhearn writes. “Then, you can either download or stream (depending on the hardware) all of your music from a Mac or PC running iTunes 10; an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 5 or later; or a second- or third-generation Apple TV.”

McElhearn writes, “In theory, iTunes Match is a great idea. In practice, however, everything doesn’t work as well as it should in the realm of iTunes Match, with users facing a number of hiccups and difficulties since the service’s inception. With renewal notices going out to those who signed up early on, it will be interesting to see how many people pony up for another year.”

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  1. Apple makes fantastic devices. They just don’t do services well. iTunes could certainly be better. I find the iCloud and syncing process less-than-perfect. It should be better by now. I have not signed up for Match. As intuitive as Apple’s software and hardware are I can’t understand why they can’t do the same with services? It’s too bad they killed off Gallery. I use SmugMug but Apple should provide something similar. It seems like a no-brainer. MobileMe and Ping are gone finally. But Apple should be able to do better with their services.

  2. I turn on match if I put more tunes from older CDs. Then I have to turn it off. If I turn on match on my devices, they will automatically remove the songs/albums from my devices and only access on wifi. This is not acceptable for me.

  3. Not sure if ill renew. I really love the service and convenience, but the censored songs kills me. I find myself skipping my favorite songs when they come on because I can’t stand to listen to them censored. Come on Apple, this is a ridiculous, YEAR OLD issue that is a big deal breaker. Fix it already!!!

  4. I’m renewing even though they still haven’t fixed the missing artwork issues I’ve been having.

    I wish there was a way to turn off the artwork totally and have a simple list view, I’m sick of seeing missing artwork on albums I’ve definitely assigned artwork to.

  5. A few little issues but I’m fine with it and renewed the subscription. It’s definitely worth it for the convenience when there are two Macs and six other iOS devices in the household. I’ve had no problem accessing iTunes Match in Asia during business travels wherever there is Wi-Fi. I have my iTunes library backed up on several different backup drives if I really need to access it but I’ve never had to do that. I turn the service off on the iPhone when I board a plane and then access a small library of around 2500 songs I keep on it. I don’t keep the music files on the MBA and the iPad. Works great for me.

  6. Yeah, I too have had some problems, it’s far from perfect. So I’m glad that some of you aren’t renewing, so that Apple will feel the pressure to improve it. But the vast majority of the time it’s worked well for me, and it’s so darn convenient. I’ll definitely renew. Life without it wouldn’t be as good.

  7. I’m a subscriber and on the fence with renewing. I’ve shifted almost all of my music listening to Spotify (on Mac and iOS) so I don’t know that I really need the service at this point.

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