Apple wins in Microsoft’s vicious cycle of PC abuse

“It’s time to cease speculation over why Steve Sinofsky left Microsoft,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “It’s even time to lay off jabs at Steve Ballmer and his company’s less than desirable Surface tablet. Unless Sinofsky’s exit was step one in a Bill Gates’ master plan nobody knows about, Ballmer’s not going anywhere, even if shareholders raise hell.”

“With the stock unable to hold $30 when it had the chance on a slight whiff of Windows 8 euphoria, MSFT shareholders have a choice of three positions: Get out, be happy with an increasing dividend yield on a dying stock or put your faith in Ballmer,” Pendola writes. “Loyalty vis-a-vis an investment is a dumb concept. Given the obstacles Microsoft faces, faith will not be rewarded.”

Pendola writes, “Microsoft should be embarrassed by its retail presence. I’m not sure how Steve Ballmer can show his face in public after knocking off Apple’s (AAPL) design and failing miserably in the process. Relatively speaking, Microsoft stores are a waste of space… There’s hardly a peep of innovation or risk-taking at companies holding themselves hostage to the PC space and other sectors’ scraps. That spells to continued dominance, even for a slightly-weakened, Tim Cook-navigated Apple.”

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      1. Correction: “…did not meet deliberately-jacked-up-by-stock-manipulators expectations.”

        We’re all going to look back on this wicked naughty era of parasitic stock manipulators and laugh at them. Meanwhile, the manipulators laugh at the suckers who believed a word they spewed.

  1. Time for HP or someone to pop into the mainstream with serious innovation that gives consumers incredible choices without the MS legacy.

    Apple did it with its flavor of UNIX. Who is next?

  2. Microsoft is the poster child of group think .
    no body in that company is capable or will have the authority of making a judgement call so all there products sink to the lowest common denominator . the great grey swamp of mediocrity

    “a camel is a horse built by committee”

    1. Careful there about camels. “Camels are the ships of the desert.” Being a bit ugly and moody with big bumps on their back doesn’t change the fact they’re remarkable creatures.

      As for Microsoft: Total group think hell hole. What a shame. Take some of the brightest minds in tech and grind them into bad dog food.

      1. Great example:

        Steve McConnell is one of the GREAT writers about coding. He wrote the classic book ‘Code Complete’. His books are published by Microsoft Press. Guess what:

        Microsoft uses McConnell for prestige while they IGNORE his best practices list. You want to know why Windows Vista was a hell plate of code spaghetti? They didn’t adequately document their code, a direct VIOLATION of a fundamental rule of coding.

        Microsoft just don’t give-a-shit. They demonstrate it every day. But tech illiterates don’t notice. That apparently includes a hell-of-a-lot of IT doofuses.

      1. I ask you: how could anyone possibly hold against Mighty Microsoft their sociopathic history of opportunism, theft, chicanery, legal hijinks, racketeering, collusion, predatory acquisitions, highway robbery, FUD campaigns, malware nourishment, junkware subsidies, and seduction and rape of Bungie? Just business, some say. 🙁

        1. These characteristics also apply to Googledoom. At least Microsoft tries to be a bit different in Window 8. Googledoom steals lock, stock and barrel. Googledoom is the new Microsoft.

        2. I like business. I like REAL business. I do NOT like BAD BUSINESS. All of the above is BAD BUSINESS. This is, let’s be honest, the STINKING SHIT that gives capitalism a terrible reputation. I don’t like that. I also don’t consider it to actually BE capitalism. I call it PARASITISM.

          1. Derek you have nailed it this time, what a wonderful new word. Radioactive lampreys! Desktop tapeworms! A new canvas of descriptive imagery opens up, reminiscent of Hieronymous Bosch, to illustrate a cautionary Grimm’s fairy tale about the appalling things lurking in the haunted boardrooms and trading floors of a once-great America.

  3. Why Microsoft doesn’t just focus on the enterprise is totally baffling. They’ve lost the consumer space. GET OVER IT! They’re still heavily entrenched in the enterprise space, and honestly, their stuff isn’t so bad when managed by a COMPETENT IT staff. Steve Jobs had LONG TERM goals with the creation and evolution of OS X – brilliant decisions (in hindsight) along the way were made to put OS X in a position to be the best desktop OS out there, and arguably the best mobile OS too.

    My point: when long-term goals are your focus (rather than quarterly or yearly numbers to please your shareholders), the path that leads you there tends to be very clear.

    1. After the early decisive conquests and the coronation, the empire is stabilized, gradually ossifies into a bureaucracy, then stagnates and degenerates while the encroaching barbarians wait.

    1. Hi Derek – have to agree with that.
      Read a news report the other day where the writer expressed (apparently genuine) surprise that Sinofsky had gone and couldn’t understand it since the Surface presentation “had gone without a hitch” ! Really?!?
      Sinofsky must have nearly died when the Surface crashed during that presentation, poor sod!
      I reckon he did well to escape when he did…

  4. “There’s hardly a peep of innovation or risk-taking at companies holding themselves hostage to the PC space and other sectors’ scraps.”

    I wish HP had not dismissed WebOS. Of all the other smartphones on the market, I really felt like Palm had something solid there and was excited by the fact that HP bought them. I though, just maybe, they can take it and make it into something viable; something that could help them reduce their reliance on Microsoft. Sure it would have taken time, but the possibilities seemed endless. They could differentiated themselves. I wonder if they regret that decision as well.

    1. Giving WebOS to HP is like casting pearls before swines. HP, after suckling the bosom of Microsoft for so long, doesn’t recognise a jewel anymore. The Microsoftian model was detrimental to the creativity of US tech companies. Googledoom which aspires to take the mantle of Microsoft has even a worst model: it makes tech companies in the US like socialist retards whose existence depends on handouts. Googledoom’s largess tends to make its underlings into sociopaths. They are jealous and hates innovation. The only way to compete is to cut prices, give one for free, and to steal. Is this the way to do business by being Santa Claus? Googledoom and US tech companies will lose with this type of business model, while Asian competitors will eat their lunches because they are not bound by US rules. Furthermore the world market is expanding while the US’s is shrinking.

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