Apple gobbles up more office space in Cupertino and Santa Clara

“In early November, we noted how Apple’s real-estate footprint apparently grew by 31 percent in a single year, based on its annual report,” Nathan Donato-Weinstein reports for The Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal. “Well, it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.”

“The Macintosh maker has leased 5425 Stevens Creek Blvd. in Santa Clara, a 57,479-square-foot building, according to public documents,” Donato-Weinstein reports. “Apple also subleased space from Roamware in Cupertino. The two-story, 11,552 square-foot building is located at 20401 Stevens Creek Blvd. in Cupertino.”

Donato-Weinstein reports, “Apple reported that it owned or leased 17.3 million square feet of building space as of the third quarter.”

More details in the full article here.


  1. If high tax California is such a bad place to do business and the internet provides such data mobility, why is Apple locating it’s mental firepower in Cali?

    Not advocating, asking those who contend high taxes hurt economic growth.

    1. Because that’s where the “talent” (the “mental firepower”) wants to live. But the HUGE data center is in North Carolina (with another even bigger one planned for Oregon apparently) and there’s a new campus focused on Apple’s “support” services is in Texas, etc.

  2. If you lived here you would understand. Perfect weather, excellent shopping etc and a wealth of other tech companies.
    Nevada maybe cheaper but not very interesting place to live.

    1. The space ship is still on track. Room for 12,000 employees and acres of orchard as well. Apple and Google have made housing in Cupertino and Mtn View very costly, but still they get 5,000 resumes every day.

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