As Apple’s iPad sales grow, PC replacement cycle slows

“PC market growth has been decelerating for some time now and will continue to do so for some time to come,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD. “That’s the word from Barclays Capital‘s hardware analyst Ben Reitzes, who says that there’s no end in sight to the PC market’s slow decline.”

“Why? As the use case for tablets and smartphones grows, particularly in enterprise and education, those devices are beginning to eclipse the PC,” Paczkowski reports. “And in doing so, they’re extending the PC replacement cycle.”

Paczkowski reports, “Retizes expects 182 million tablets to be sold in 2013 — up from his prior estimate of 146 million. By 2015, he expects that number to hit 268 million.
And by 2016? An even 300 million. And in each of those years Reitzes expects the iPad to account for the majority of tablet sales: 61 percent in 2013 and 2014, 60 percent in 2015, and 59 percent in 2016. ‘We believe that Apple will continue to gain share and be one of the main beneficiaries of the market move toward mobile devices,’ Reitzes concluded.”

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  1. The only windows machine I have left is a dual xeon machine that I bought in 2005. It shipped with XP and I clean installed windows 7 when it came out in 2009. The machine runs Windows 7 flawlessly and I see no reason to move to a new machine when this one still handles everything I need (which is getting to be less and less by the day since my primary machine is a macbook pro).

    devices like the iPad are having a huge impact and when you back that up with the simple truth that new machines do not provide much over hardware made in the last few years handle all the tasks the majority of people need its no wonder.

    Windows 8 will not save the PC. Its being replaced by less trouble free computing devices.

      1. Lol I meant less troublesome devices but you knew what I meant.

        Totally agree. My Mac has given me quality time with my family since I’m not doing updates and virus scans all the time!

  2. If there is a correlation it’s minor. In my experience, for some time now, PCs (generic) have become so fast that people aren’t as motivated to replace them. I have a client running on 2006/2007 iMacs and they are happy as they can be. The only time they replace a machine is when one fails and the cost of repair is a significant portion of the cost of a new machine. So what the newer iMacs are faster. It just means they twiddle their thumbs more while waiting for you to type something.

    I have been persuading such people to upgrade lately but the only reason is that they won’t be able to run OS X Mountain Lion.

    People are not replacing PCs with iPads or any other tablets. People are buying tablets with all new ideas on how to bring mobile computing to bear on their lives.

    People are not buying PCs essentially because they don’t wear out as quickly as they used to.

  3. It is hard to infest or break those Windows PC boxes if you don’t turn them on! I bet many people the use them at home use them only 1 to 4 times a month if they have iPads in their house. Students will still use them a lot for essays but the working adults at home have no need for the PC turds any more!

  4. For years surveys have shown the overwhelming majority of computer owners use the Internet, e-mail, games, music, photos, etc. and have no need for high-end programs.

    Turn to the tablet and accomplish all those tasks and more while cutting the cord and going mobile anywhere you travel.

    Regardless of age, if your new to computing the tablet offers an enjoyable hand-held seamless experience at low cost and negates IT oversight.

    Best of all worlds.

  5. What does my home computer do? It stores my pictures, music, movies, Apps and Income Tax data.

    Every now and then I do some photo touchups and a little surfing.

    The rest is iPhone, iPad and iPod.

  6. I still have some issues mainly some things are still too fidly, typing still too erratic, interaction between software sometimes laborious and copy and paste very hit and miss and frustrating, otherwise I find it generally a great experience on my iPad still a way to go but increasingly taking over my Mac/PC tasks. As a touch device I should be able to for example drag pics from and to email from photos app.

  7. I still depend on my desktop mac for photoshop and design applications, but more and more it (and its external hard drive) is simply a server for my collection of movies, music and photography to stream to my iOS devices…so, I guess I am one of those who still require a “mothership.”

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