Where to put your money with the Obama win

“The stock market loves President Barack Obama. With all its cheating heart, and all its mercenary soul,” Jon Markman reports for MarketWatch. “More than that, actually — it adores him. The love story of Wall Street and Obama is a bromance like no other, a man-crush for the ages.”

“Despite his threats to soak the wealthy for more taxes, despite Fed Chairman’s attack on savers, despite even his threat to kill special treatment for dividends, institutional investors have thrown themselves at Obama’s feet as they have not done in the first term of any president in the past century,” Markman reports. “You could look it up. The S&P 500 has gained 76% since his inauguration in January 2009, while the Nasdaq 100 is up 128%.”

“The staggering advance of the market is probably one of Obama’s greatest accomplishments, and yet, in a rich irony, political sensitivities prevent him from bragging about it,” Markman reports. “The beauty part is that this was not a coincidence, beginner’s luck or a historical fluke. The administration and the Federal Reserve run by his appointed chairman, Ben Bernanke, have systematically stuffed big banks’ pockets with cash in an unending rescue effort, slashed interest rates to the lowest levels of the past 300 years, diverted senior citizens’ savings to revive the moribund residential construction industry and showered drug makers and insurers with fresh sources of revenue from his health care overhaul.”

Markman reports, “Little wonder then that Wall Street cannot bear the idea of parting ways with the Obama administration, and thus in the past two months has thrown a tantrum to protest the surprising advancement of challenger Mitt Romney in the polls. Now that the president has won a second term, you can expect most of the sectors that have benefited from the present administration to keep on rolling. Here are some top prospects.”

“The Obama Administration has not promoted a coherent technology policy. But outside of a couple of attempts to rein in Google, it has not willfully attacked the tech industry either,” Markman reports. “The group has risen 114% during the four years, led by the 675% blitzkrieg of Apple and 390% advance of Amazon.com… Expect the market to continue its bromance with Obama in a second term, but buy into it opportunistically when panic is in the air.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. I dont think it was an easy win. Obama lost 5 million believers from 2008. But believe what you will.

      The best that can be hope for is gridlock and the legislature not passing bills they don’t read or understand.

      Health care and cost is not going to get better and neither will cost of education. Education will get more expensive and more children will be given loans to go. In the end they will be enslaved with enormous debt and a lack of jobs while Obama caters to Wall Street. I have never seen American youth enslaved like this. Was not this way a short 40 years ago. Student loans did not exist then. This is the future of America, like it or not.

      1. I think the best we can hope for is that the people will wake up and start taking responsibility for their own actions, instead of expecting crazed power monger a or b to sort things out for them. People like that work for what they perceive as their own best interests.

        Why would Obama or Romney work for your interests? Because you voted for them? Those of you who have employees will know that even those you pay to work for you will still look after themselves first, and cheat you at any opportunity.

        Expecting someone you don’t even know to put you above their family and friends is just stupid, especially when you have no choice about paying them because you have no choice but to pay taxes.

        1. You LibTARDS are delusional. Maobama is a serial liar.

          You idiots live in a fantasy world.

          You will find out over the next four years what a colossal mistake you just made.

          Not to mention the massive voter fraud that goes on from the DemoTARDS.

          Dead people voting.

          People voting multiple times.

          No ID voting.

          Suppressing the military vote.

          Open borders so illegals who have zero allegiance to the US swarming in here and paying zero into the system while sucking billions out of the tax payers.

          Over paid government do nothing jobs and pensions.

          Union insanity.

          You will get smacked with a hard dose of reality by the end of Maobama’s next term. US life is going to go down the tubes.

          Maobama can now use all of his flexibility to undermine the US with his buddy Putin.

          LibTARDS have been brain washed and are far too stupid to have any clue about it.

            1. I am amazed at how foolish the nitwit liberals are on this site. From all parts of the world too. They are are a very sad statement for the mental health of a large part of the world population. Certified Lemmings.

            2. You will discover that most MDNers are not fond of posts like yours. If you have something constructive to contribute to this forum regarding Apple, then fine. If you are here to hawk your politics, then begone.

          1. @Reality: For a minute there I thought you were being sarcastic and were really describing the GOP.

            I’d like to take the time to remind you about “No ID voting”: What party was caught with its hands in the cookie jar manipulating voter registration and attempting to vote twice?

    2. Yeah, 3 people in my family including myself got laid off from long term jobs in the last Obama business model. Can’t wait to see what damage he does this time around.

      Usually if my candidate choice doesn’t win I’m sorta “meh” with it. This time I had a very fearful feeling in the pit of my stomach over the economy and foreign policy. He’s SCARY on both fronts. God (or whatever deity you pray to) help us.

      The Republicans need to get off their anti-Abortion platform, this view is losing elections, and it’s illogical. It was such a close race that the female vote could have swung this thing to Romney. I don’t blame women for not wanting to put someone in office who says he’s going to appeal Roe vs. Wade. We already went through a period of illegal abortions in back rooms (they WILL occur, Dr or no Dr.) that is why we changed it to a procedure that wasn’t performed by some shifty guy in a filthy back room where the mother and child end up both dying.
      Probably the only ones cheering more over Obama’s win last night than the Democrats were the Muslim Terrorists.

      1. I like the adage “teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves”. What this means to me, is that I agree with you more than ever. Repubs should dump the social issues, let people do what they want, just so we get a guy that understand business, economy, foreign policy, etc.

        Whether dems realize it or not, we were attacked on 9-11 again. Obama has made us more vulnerable to terror. he is a big fail.

        Last night was a vote for higher energy prices, higher education prices, higher health care/insurance prices, inflation, more food stamps, unemployment,, and the list is quite endless.

        1. Sure, I blamed Bush and his supermajority Congress for a lot of things. But I also gave him credit when it was due. And that is the difference between rational thought and insane political religion.

          According to the far right extremists on this site, absolutely everything is Obama’s fault, including some things that happened prior to his administration. That is delusional, and the American public voted down that revisionist history. So how about giving up your political rants and start working with the rest of us to construct a workable solution.

          1. Fine with me! I contributed to her campaign as well as Alan Grayson’s.

            We have a hell of a lineup of juggernauts, any of whom will carry 2016 from Warren, to Hillary, to Biden (both of them), to Castro, to Cuomo and by 2024 you can throw Chelsea into the Mix

  1. My you guys are up late. It’s 6am here in the UK. Congratulations btw to those who wanted Obama to win commiserations to those who were hoping for and voting for Romney.

    Maybe now it’s over, could we have a little less political vitriol in these comments please. It was turning into ugly Hate..,

    1. It only took three minutes for your hopes to be dashed. On behalf of reasonable Yanks I apologize. But, I too, hope this board returns to tech issues lets go of the inbred vitriol that always seems to takeover here during election season.

      WTF America is obviously a tool and a sore loser.

    2. Now the shysters in London and WS can now resume the gouging in the commodities market. Secretary Chu will now fulfill his promise of $10 gas in the US.

      Of course, gasoline will go down, lest the shysters be hit with a backlash that even their friend Obama cannot ignore. Once the folks in staten island are placated, prices will rise. Of course WTI and London crude with still move up. Just gasoline will fall (the shysters will make it up by shorting both gasoline and the refiners).

      Only good development is that Hilary will not win in 2016 since the economy will be blamed on a democrat Obama. Had Romney won, Hilary would win in 2016. Common band of Romney and Obame are the welfare of the shysters of WS and London.

        1. Just to let you know, I did a write-in, Bernie Sanders. Although I am conservative, sanders is the only one who has tried to address the issue. Heis the only one with a bill that lowers the leverage the scumbag shysters of WS now have. By the way it is a 20 to 1 leverage. Romney would never have addressed this and neither will the feel your pain hypocrites like Clinton and Obama. My greatest fear was for a Romney win, which would put the hicks from arkansas back in the white house come 2016.

          Unless the gouging in WS and London is stopped, there will be no change. For now I feel confident the Clinton’s will have no chance in 2016. There will be no recovery.

          1. “hicks from arkansas”
            Would that be the Georgetown/Yale Law/ Rhodes Scholar/ Phi Beta Kappa who presided over the massive economic growth of the mid-late 1990’s and balanced numerous budgets? Or his highly accomplished wife?

            1. Of course whitewater never happened.
              Of course they are champions of women. Idid not whatever with that woman. I did it because I could. All learned while at those esteemed institutions. I wonder what schools the kids of Bernie Madoff went to.
              The world would be a better place without those ivy league cesspools. The philosophers of old must be turning in their graves. So much for their vision of a philosopher king.
              Well, if any rand’s nonsense pseudo-intellectual gibberish is called a philosophy, anything goes for these pseudo-intellectual snobs.

        2. Just to let you know, I did a write-in, Bernie Sanders. Although I am conservative, sanders is the only one who has tried to address the issue. Heis the only one with a bill that lowers the leverage the scumbag shysters of WS now have. By the way it is a 20 to 1 leverage. Romney would never have addressed this and neither will the feel your pain hypocrites like Clinton and Obama. My greatest fear was for a Romney win, which would put the hicks from Arkansas back in the white house come 2016.

          Unless the gouging in WS and London is stopped, there will be no change. For now I feel confident the Clintons will have no chance in 2016. There will be no recovery.

    3. When America gets the sniffles, the rest of the world catches pneumonia. It’s important to know America’s vital signs.

      I think the hateful discourses on MDN help to keep the rest of the English speaking world informed of America’s medical status.

  2. Where to put money? Not in America, where Obama can get his grubby hands on it! Best to put in tin can and bury in backyard. Meanwhile, sell your Apple stock before capital gains rate goes up. Taking my profits and running with them, because Obama didn’t earn that, and investing in offshore accounts! Good luck America, you’re gonna need it!

    1. You mean bet against America and ship our jobs overseas and keep a euro hedge fund? Or talk shit on the auto bailout while stuffing your pockets with TARP Money? Or is it bankrolling your campaign with Sheldon Adelson’s Chinese Mob money?

    2. Why sell AAPL now (or ever)? Capital gains only takes effect when you sell. This may be another reason not to sell if you dont have to.

      In the bank or in a tin can – same thing. Wont grow and inflation will make it disappear. Good advise, bud. Not!

      Actually, for property owners with a mortgage the future is bright. Their mortgage will be paid of with inflated dollars. Renters are screwed as rents will sky-rocket. My favorite times in were the Carter years when inflation was double digit. Happy days are coming again.

      1. In your current time of sad contemplation, TMac,, how about a commitment from you and First 2010 Then ???? and his like-minded pals to lay off of the partisan political posts for at least two years?

        Please don’t start the 2016 Presidential election now. Let’s just talk about Apple on MDN… Apple strategies, Apple products, Apple management, Apple rumors, and Apple’s competitors..

    1. They are pissed because after 4 years of vote law rigging, disenfranchisement, Citizens United, Karl Rove’s multiple dark money pools and Comedian Rush Limbaugh’s clown circus of right wing disinformation, they lost.

      They lost. 2-3 billion spent and they lost to the rabble

      Come 2014 they will lose the House and most of the state legislatures they hold.

      2010 was the high water mark for Neo-conservatism and Willard RobbedMe to Lyin’ Ryan down with him.

  3. Money, money, money… Hey folks there ain’t just money in life!
    USA just avoided a human disaster!
    It’s a great day for the world looking at America: finally, there are some clever enough people there!
    Republicans would have just printed tons of uncovered $ bills and pretend the 4 trillions debts are nothing… and that god would have arranged everything with the help of the riches…

    1. I’m right here. As I stated right here last night.

      Still partying (I have my reasons). What’s coming will ultimately be a good thing.

      Now, get to work you dwindling number of makers, the increasing number of lazy, voracious takers are waiting for their handouts.

            1. You wouldn’t know what a brain is grigori you good little useful idiot- sheeple.

              You communist – drones just eat up all the propaganda your dear leaders feed you.

              What a way to spend your life, fooled, used, and taken advantage of.

      1. Not introspection from the pachyderm.
        Self deportation
        If Romney wins the same % of Latino vote as McCain, R wins the election
        The world is not composed of the talk radio clowns.

        1. Rubio (or Rubio-like candidate). If the GOP finally wakes up an stops nominating RINO pablum, this horrible 8 years of stagnation, decline and worse (good luck ambassadors!) will prove to be of some value after all.

          In the meantime, makers, get to work, the takers are waiting with their mouths agape!

          1. Dude! You just don’t get it, do you?
            Fine. I’ll break it down for you. While your party was building fences along the border, passin “papers, please” laws, pissing on the DREAM act and promoting “self-deportation”, PRESIDENT Obama was reaching out to Hispanics saying he wants a comprehensive immigration plan. If he gets it, who do you think will get the credit for it? If he doesn’t get it, who do you think will get the blame? ALL of the Bushes AND Rick Perry tried to warn you: YOUR PARTY IS SCREWED! Just as the African-American vote is forever lost to you, SO IS THE HISPANIC VOTE! Heck, you even lost the ASIAN vote by an overwhelming margin!

            As I told you more than 15 months ago, your party is soon to be irrelevant, if it isn’t already!

            1. As that lady in a famous clip yelled at someone’s campaign rally last year: “I want my America back.” The America she and many other retrogressives want back is never coming back. That was the America where Daddy went off to work avery day and brought home the lettuce. Mommy was up at dawn to get breakfast ready for Daddy and the kids, then she went shopping for food and clothes, was the family economist. Nowhere did you see an Asian or Hispanic or (gasp) a Negro face. Everyone was lily white and you were either Catholic or Protestant. Two cars in every garage. Bowling alleys were the gathering places. However, like everything, times changed and we (my immediate neighbors and I) are a mixture of races, religions, political beliefs, and *surprise!* we all get along fine as we chat while out on strolls through the neighborhood. Do I care? Not a bit. This is my 21st Century America and I love it no less than I did 60 years ago.

            2. You don’t have to be “White” to raise a nice family with family values.

              It’s much better to have a mother stay home and raise the kids while the father brings home the pay.

              Kids being raised in day care or in single parent situations more often than not turn out bad.

              But that’s what the powers that be in the Dimocrat party want.
              All of you libTARDS to be ignorant puppets to be manipulated by them at will.


            3. I could prove to you how corporate America has had more to do with the destruction of families than politicians but you wing nuts already have a problem with understanding facts and the truth.

            4. @Mikey: Please don’t confuse the march of time with either political party – they’ve both done a lot of good and some not so good. My point is that we simply can’t go back to that America of 50 years ago, no matter who is elected.

              But I will say that there’s some truth in your comment about kids who are raised in day care more often than not turn out bad – Meg Whitman’s two nanny-raised (equivalent to day care) sons are prime examples of that.

            1. +1000. Those who are both fiscally conservative and socially liberal (or vice-versa) are no properly represented, they must hold their noses and pick the less bad of the bunch.

            1. LOL Chrissy!

              A massive rejection of the haters this election.

              Myself, I’d love an election based truly on economic policy. But until the republicans learn to keep their noses out of our bedrooms, to stop pandering to hate and divisiveness, I’m stuck voting for democrats I’m not really that excited about. Though I have to admit a few good democrats I was for surprisingly won.

              As one of my friends said yesterday very well:
              For those who are disappointed, may the next 4 years be better than you feared, and those who are happy may they be as good as you hoped.


      2. Dude, are you off your meds?

        2012 was the Republicans year to grab the brass ring and kill off the vestiges of the New Deal and Great Society. They used every dirty trick in the voter suppression book and 2-3 trillion in money and managed to lose to a marginal President in a shitty economy.

        It’s over. The Republicans are going to start drifting to the center or will become insignificant outside Alabama and Mississippi. Make book on it.

  4. Can’t hear you tea-party losers!
    Where’s loosing first 2010-then 2012 now ;-))))
    Hopefully we carry on in a normal fashion now without all the stupid political idiocy.
    Have a good day!!

      1. you’re probably one of the biggest most pompous gas-bags on MDN—no disrespect. I would say that the House has been the biggest roadblock to your nation repairing itself. you know, Boehner is public enemy #1. he needs to be stopped.

        1. wait what ever happen there being an opposition? Funny when there was a republican majority back in 1994, there were cries that there were no opposition to the republicans. This should force real compromise and not just steam roll their way.

        2. The House is there precisely in order to be a roadblock. This is what the voters voted for – a divided gov’t. The less that happens in D.C. over the next 48 months, the better.

          1. This is EXACTLY the reason why Mitt lost.

            Unfortunately the Republican party (not the grass roots, or more reasonable Republicans the party *claims* to represent but does not) has become the “ME” party, as in “If I can’t have it MY way then it won’t be any way at all!” Boehner’s statement that he viewed his job #1 as making sure Obama did not get re-elected was just such a stupid attitude. Boehner’s job #1 should have been fixing the economy. The Republicans should have LED THE FIX. Instead they led blocking *anything* substantive from happening. Karma’s a bitch. If they remain the party with the primary goal of doing nothing but making Obama look bad, whether he wants to push good ideas or not, then Republicans might lose again in 2016!

            1. Biapartisanship is not giving the other side everything they want.

              Conservatives – and Republicans to a lesser degrees- believe in getting out of the way of those who are capable and letting them be free to build their businesses and lives.

              Obama and his acolytes believe in big government, “spreading the wealth,” forcing dwindling numbers of makers to carry an ever-increasing load of takers.

              There is no compromise here. The U.S. feds are broke. California, Liberal bastion, is BROKE. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

              The elections of the Republican House majority are no less legitimate than Obama’s.

              Boehner tried to FIX things, Obama wouldn’t compromise. Because he’s a petulant, egotistical, child who’s been “affirmative actioned” throughout his entire life. It’s all here:

            2. That’s all very amusing, but it doesn’t change the fact that you were as WRONG AS WRONG CAN BE.

              23 Augusts 2012: “My moniker not only correctly predicted 2010, it correctly predicts 2012.”

            3. Hello! It was the “Makers” in the rust belt that delivered an Obama victory. The America worker is and always has been the “Makers” in this land, real things don’t get built without them.

              Seems they are in a unique position to pass judgement on the Real Mitt, the BAIN Mitt, the “let GM go bankrupt” Mitt.

              Enjoy the mandate GOP, get to work and stop being obstructionists..

            4. “There is no compromise here.”

              This is EXACTLY the stupidity that got us to where we are now.

              Everyone — and I do mean everyone — needs to compromise a bit.

              Think of it this way…
              I’m not part of the 1%, but I’m probably part of the 3%. For every dollar of my gross income in 2011 the U.S. Government got over 30 cents (through income taxes, payroll taxes, capital gains taxes, etc. Not all of that 30 cents came directly from me. Some came from employers, some came from business associations [not business taxes]). However, some of my friends and associates had incomes *well* in excess of mine (think 10s of millions per year) that for every dollar of their gross income the federal government got less than 16 or 17 cents. Those people pocketed the over 14 cents per dollar. Did ANY of those people start new businesses with that money? No. Did ANY of those people expand their businesses (if they even had businesses in the first place) or hire more people? No. They ALL simply increased their portfolios because of the bad economy and are hedging their bets. “I’m going to take care of me. To hell with anyone else.” ALL of them. (and I’m not talking about a half dozen or dozen people I know. I’m talking several dozen.) Every last one of them is against raising capital gains taxes (the source of income for many of them) or income taxes in any way that would affect them.

              Everyone needs to compromise a bit.

              Sitting back and saying “There is no compromise here.” is just asinine. There is no other way to describe it.

            5. “Boehner’s statement that he viewed his job #1 as making sure Obama did not get re-elected was just such a stupid attitude.” That was said by Senator Mitch McConnell, the king of political venality, not Boehner. I suggested to the newly re-elected President that he should serve McConnell a heaping plate full of crow.

            6. Yes, McConnell did say it, but Boehner jumped onto the bandwagon and said it too. I completely ignored at the McConnell at the time and subsequently forgot him. Boehner has the ability to sway the rules in various committees to require things like super majority votes for certain committee actions. Thus even if some more moderate Republicans wanted to compromise their movement would be useless and nullified. Thus when Boehner jumped on the bandwagon and said it too, it was a significant event — even though it was almost not reported in the media at all since MCConnell said it first (it was no longer shocking news so why report it?)

            7. Hey Shadow! It’s also precisely why the Tea Party got its ass kicked! What First 20-whatever fails to realize is that although the Dems did not take control of the House they did GAIN seats, they EXPANDED their lead in the Senate, AND won the majority of the governor races up for grabs. Their is no silver lining or “spin” the repubs can put on that.

        3. @temprakneeoh: Watch it buddy! While I really like reading TMac’s perspectives on technology, I don’t always agree with his political opinions. I consider him (and many others on this forum) to be part of a band of like-minded Apple fans, and as such, he is entitled to his opinions. What I don’t like is people who resort to ad hominem arguments (attacking the person rather than the opinion). TMac is neither pompous nor a gas bag. To me he is a cyber-friend and no one has the right to ambush him with personal attacks.

          1. But Jeff, I thought the LibTARDS were the party of acceptance of everyone’s diverse ideas and opinions.

            What’s happening here? I’m confused.

            LibTARDS are exactly the opposite of what they say they are.

            1. What’s your point? I accept opinions but only if they are relevant to the topic. People who decide to attack the person rather than the topic aren’t contributing to the discussion but are rather simply going after someone about whom they know nothing about, so they resort to name-calling and such. That’s not in anybody’s interests.

              Incidentally, I strongly object to anyone’s use of creating portmanteaux out of “liberal” or “conservative” or whatever and the part-word “tard” from “retard.” People who are mentally challenged have a hard enough time dealing with life without being mocked. Please note what I said: I object to the use!

        1. So you honestly think that a more extreme candidate would have won the GOP this election? And you see no reason to change your way of thinking even with last night’s reality check?

          First 2012, then 2014!!

          1. He has special voodoo metrics, that mere mortals do not see. Remember?

            You would think they might get it. GOP “ideals” took a beating last night, especially in Florida!!

            I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that Florida rejected the Koch brothers funded assault on Justices, Judges, and the constitution. Rick Scott’s attempts to disenfranchise voters only enraged them and brought em out!

            Medical MJ in MA, Legal MJ in CO, WA, OR. Two states legalized gay marriage. Tea-baggers thrown out of Congress.

            I’d call it a mandate, just what Mitt asked for…

      1. The tea-party lost when reasonable people listened to them.

        The tea-party lost when America discovered it was the creation of Murdoch/Koch.Rove.

        The tea-party lost when they hitched their wagon to the likes of Michelle Bachman, Scott Brown, etc.

        The tea-party lost when America got a good look at who and what they really are: out of touch, fringe, kooks with a destructive, divisive agenda.

        The Tea-Party is broken and hopefully over.

        1. 🙂 Well, well… USA isn’t that old, hum!… A hundred years back is already quite dangerous enough, in my opinion! 😀
          If reps would have won, the UNO and the United Nations should have prohibited the nuclear weapons in the USA… Tsss! A president leaning on christian ayatolas and creationists? Damn! That would have been much too explosive!!! lol

  5. Vindication is Ours fellow moderates, progressives and Democrats. All the Republican partisans (MDN itself, First 2010, then 2012, etc.) lets hear you eat some crow — admit how marginalized you and your backward thinking has become!

    Yes, let’s all say it together — President Obama wins another four more year over Mitt Romney, Carl Rove, and that ilk. An utter defeat for conservatives across the country. Admit the stark truth. You are a dying breed!

    1. Good luck finding a job now. Oh wait, you don’t need one because you are part of the 47% taking hand outs. Tomorrow I have to fire two more people.

      That’s reality folks.
      Good luck.

        1. The reality is AppleCowPie, that businesses will not be hiring and more and more millions will be begging their Dear Leader for scraps and hand outs.

          Way to bring the USA to it’s knees…….

    2. I don’t understand either, what MDN fell into in 2010 and 2012, when what had been a more interesting site about Mac News, became a not so subtle outlet for throwing raw meat out in any article that would appeal to ultra-conservatives, most of whom never responded with logic, but most often with vitriol, the kind of person who, in person, just couldn’t carry on an informed discussion for long.
      I don’t agree that conservatives are a dying breed, but I think George Will, the über ultra conservative spoke to the issue of a party that was living in the past.
      For the future, I wish, for MDN a venture into investigating Mac News with its usual humor, and encourage more initial reporting rather than commenting on everybody else’s posts.

  6. It pretty much went the way I said it would about 15+ months ago. The republican party has some soul-searching to do. Their message of hate and division is falling on fewer and fewer receptive ears. If they insist on pursuing issues against the will of the majority, especially social issues, they WILL become irrelevant.

    Special note to First 2012, you were warned this would happen.

    Cisco to ax 11,500 jobs, sell factory to slash costs; Borders goes under, 11,000 to lose their jobs

  7. Where are all those racist rednecks gone? You know, the ones that predicted that Obama would lose big time! What happened to the Birthers, the tea partiers and idiot stooges like Trump? Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa!

    1. Wherever First 2010 Then 2012 is.
      PRESIDENT Obama
      4 MORE YEARS

      Now, lets talk Macintosh, iPad, iPod, iPhone and all the rest.

      I’d say thank god, but I’m an agnostic.

    2. +!

      I am soooo glad others noted what a complete, pompous ass First 2010 Then 2012 was. And his damned “internals” that he couldn’t share with us mere mortals. So much for “internals”.

      1. The internals were good until Sandy obliterated the new cycle at precisely the wrong time.

        Perhaps now, the party will finally realize that nominating RINOs still gets them nothing. Once we get a true fiscal conservative (and we’re gonna need it) to run, things will get better.

        For now, I’m happy. The U.S. gets what it deserves. If this is what you want, dwindling makers suffocated by multiplying leeches, then the U.S. simply deserves its fate. My advice: Learn Chinese.

        Thank God we have the House.

        Let four more years of strife, debt, death via incompetence, and abject failure under a visionless fool begin!

            1. 15 June 2012: “President Romney. Mark my words.”

              10 July 2012: “Mitt Romney will beat Barack Obama and win the 2012 U.S. Presidential election. iCal me.” [DONE! :))]

        1. It is the storms fault? LOL how rich..

          Fitting then that a freak storm, a by-product of global climate change should wipe out the Republican ticket. Perhaps it is a sign from your God that you need to quit being a party of science deniers and pro-pollution.

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