Apple’s new Mac mini offers an attractive bang for the buck

“The 2012 Mac mini introduces USB 3, which replaces the tired, old USB 2.0 ports found in the previous model,” James Galbraith writes for Macworld. “The new Mac mini also has faster integrated graphics, and, for the first time, quad-core processors.”

“The quad-core Core i7 processor and the larger storage capacity make the $799 Mac mini more attractive — plus you can configure this system with Apple’s new Fusion Drive for an additional $250,” Galbraith writes.

Apple Mac mini
Apple Mac mini

Galbraith writes, “The least expensive Mac available today, the $599 Mac mini, has made its own performance strides and continues to be an affordable option for anyone wanting the Mac experience without paying a high premium.”

Advertisement: Apple Mac mini quad-core Intel Core i7 2.3GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Intel HD Graphics 4000 only $894 at MacMall.

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    1. Zulfucki,

      It’s in a 7X7X1.4 inch box. It was always meant as a secondary computer to the iMac.

      My friggin PC is in a 20X8X20 box and it huffs and heaves whenever I ask it to do something.

      1. Previous Mac minis of the SAME form factor HAD dedicated graphics chipsets. Even the entry level model in 2005 had a dedicated graphics chipset.

        Show me any Apple literature in the past 7 years of the Mac minis’ existence that even implies that the mini is “meant to be a secondary computer to the iMac”.

        You can build a mini that prices over $2000 from Apple (no keyboard mouse or display). Almost double the price of an entry level iMac. They are getting benchmark scores over 12,000, accommodate 16GB RAM and are available with dual SSDs, but you still can’t get dedicated graphics in the current models.

        Z’s comment is valid.

          1. The current Mac minis are scoring higher than any existing iMac. That wasn’t too difficult.

            Z’s comment is widely reflected by many. Macworld recently tested the current Mac mini and compared them to last years mini. Most people aren’t thrilled when components get downgraded, especially when the price of the mid level model remained the same (this is the model that had dedicated graphics).

            “The HD Graphics 4000 is much better at delivering high frame rates in games than the HD Graphics 3000 processor used previously, but it falls far short of the performance of the discrete AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphic processor.”

    1. You must mean a core2 duo, anyway, my 2006 Mac mini is still chugging along but I just couldn’t resist upgrading from it’s core duo,, 2 GB to the core i7, 16 GB with fusion drive. The old MacMini has already found a new home.

  1. Can someone say whether the Mac mini can or cannot connect to my iMac through Thunderbolt? I am looking to install Windows on the Mini (mainly for my Windows Games) and toggle back and forth as needed.

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