Apple’s new iPad mini sold out in New York City stores

“Supplies of the iPad mini are sold out at Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store, with white and silver models gone within 30 minutes, said Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets,” Adam Satariano reports for Bloomberg. “Almost 600 people lined up outside the store, according to Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray Cos.”

“Apple, the world’s most valuable company, and other retailers are grappling with transportation and supply complications as the New York metropolitan area begins the recovery from Sandy, which made landfall on Oct. 29. Two of Apple’s five stores in the city are closed today due to the storm, as are some in New Jersey,” Satariano reports. “Lines at the open locations suggest the weather won’t hamper sales, White said. ‘The iPad mini is off to a strong start and we believe this will be the next star in the Apple portfolio,’ White said.”

Satariano reports, “Apple may sell 1 million to 1.5 million iPad minis in the launch weekend, Munster said in a research note.”

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  1. I kind find it unbelievable that people would spend such money when the people around them are suffering .
    I guess that in such time they need a light to brighten their life .. But it is just shocking to me..

    Also i wish Apple did not sell in New York as yet, aren’t their workers too affected by Sandy ?
    Or workers don’t matter ?

    Where is the classy Apple that opened up its door to sufferers in Japan ? Who gave free wifi and places to stay ?

    1. People need paychecks to get through natural disasters. Apple leaving the stores closed would do no one any good, and certainly would not help NYC’s battered local economy. NYC needs to get back to normal as soon as it possibly can. Apple is making sure its hourly workers are getting paid during this crisis.

        1. You can not compare the two, New York has not been wiped off the face of the Earth as many places in Japan were, get real. After a event like Sandy it’s good to get back to normal ASAP it seriously helps moral so the last thing needed is for shops and businesses to stay closed in some form of misguided reminder of misfortune. But then my parents had to cope with the blitz.

      1. That’s sad when you compare Apple with those Wall Street urchins !

        If you are loyal Apple supporter try and think and look at Apple history .. Has it ever acted maniacal for $$$ ?

    2. iPad Mini is the perfect Communication tool for hard times and good times .

      The classy Apple opend up it’s door and iTunes store to Storm stricken Victims 2 or 3 days ago – but since when has ignorance cared about fact?

    3. The reason people are buying while others suffer is because Apple fanboys (fan-people) know the govt will take care of those poor victims so they don’t have to do a thing. Their conscience is clear knowing the rich are picking up the tab for the storm victims.

    4. Remember the criticism heaped upon Bush in the wake of Katrina. The Obama administration, in an attempt to avert similar blame, has introduced an iPad app that directs New Yorkers to locations of the best dumpsters for free food. Michelle also provided ratings of the refuse for low-fat, low-sugar, and low-salt diets; and vegetarians. Bon appetit. Thank you FEMA, it’s obvious that you learned a lot from the Katrina experience.

  2. The Apple store in Nashua, NH hadn’t even opened when they were ‘sold out’ of the iPad Mini. I was in line for the new full sized model, and when the Apple employees came around handing out tickets, the Mini was gone long before they got to me.


    Apple is helping out the USA economy by opening and selling everywhere!
    The link above is where to Donate towards the SuperStormSandy relief efforts. Let the officials do their jobs with the peoples’ support.
    Go USA … We will get through this!!!

  4. Sell all of your AAPL now !! Right now Apple is doomed coz iPad mini supply issue !

    Wait !! I see not enough people buying iPad mini . Yea !! Surface is killing iPad and Apple .


  5. Wall Street is extremely disappointed in weak iPad Mini sales. Apple down another 20 points and on its way to $550. Guess what Andy Zaky had to say about his call for a $610 bottom. He’s said he’s sorry about opening his mouth and spouting nonsense.

    Look for “going out of business” signs in retail stores by next week. Is it really true that Microsoft sold far more ZunePad RTs than Apple sold iPad Minis and analysts have decided to downgrade Apple accordingly?


  6. Got my mini today! Love it, but u sure notice the inferior screen quality compared to the gorgeous retina display. Really needs a retina display and A6 processor! Who cares if it takes a bite out of the iPad, as long as it sells! Next one will be the real winner, because the size and weight r perfect! The iPad all of a sudden feels like a heavy, awkward brick in comparison!

  7. Looked at a display model and really like the design. Just small enough to be held in one hand and just large enough for Pages to be used without trouble. I have to wait for cellular unit.

    Oh, Palmdale California netted some unexpected news. The Palmdale BestBuy store nearly sold out of iPad Minis. They only have a few 64 GB Wifi units left. Sold 5 or 6 boxes of Mini’s or over 200 in roughly two hours. Not what I would have expected since it is Wifi only.

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