74% of organizations have no plans to deploy Windows 8

“According to TechRepublic Pro and ZDNet research, Microsoft hasn’t convinced many IT decision makers that Windows 8 is an essential OS upgrade,” Bill Detwiler reports for TechRepublic.

“In October 2012, we asked TechRepublic members to share with us their organization’s plans for Windows 8. Over 1,200 people responded, and we compiled the data into our Windows 8 Business Intentions report,” Detwiler reports. “The following are five key takeaways from the report.”

• 73.7 percent of respondents say their organizations have no plans to deploy Windows 8, with 23.8 percent reporting that they will skip the OS altogether
• Only 15.8 percent of respondents who run Windows XP or an earlier version as their organization’s primary OS say they plan to deploy Windows 8
• Security and tablet/mobile integration top the list of factors rated important by respondents who plan to deploy Windows 8.
• The Windows 8 style UI and associated end-user training requirements are off-putting to many respondents
• The number of respondents in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US with plans to deploy Windows 8 was lower than in China, India, and Southeast Asia

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows 8ista.

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  1. I installed Windows 8 on two PCs (one non-touchscreen laptop and one touchscreen desktop) for two different people (young guys, early 20s) last weekend.

    Feedback from guy with non-touchscreen laptop. “I don’t like this.” “Why did they have to make everything so hard?”

    Feedback from guy with the HP touchscreen desktop. “I don’t like Microsoft 8.” “I’m having trouble navigating.” “This is a computer not a big phone, this feels like a big phone.” “Can I go back to Microsoft 7?”

    I emphasize, these are not “soccer moms” or “grandpas”, these guys are 20 and 22.

    Microsoft has a disaster of Biblical proportions on its hands. They’ve rendered every desktop computer on the shelves at Best Buy unusable.

  2. Every corporation will fall in time .

    Apple has a lot to learn from Microsoft .
    What not to do…

    Fragmentation !!
    Under Steve Jobs all the heads know the final say is with Steve
    Under Cook each head has too much “power” and Cook either went along and trusted their oexpertise ..
    Microsoft is so split apart till each software developer don’t talk to the other ..

    Will Apple be like this ? KPI’s

    1. No, Cook was seeing how things would work once Steve died, and now the chips have fallen. Forstall made his power play, probably as expected, and he’s gone. Cook is tightening up the ship and his control.

      A true, smart executive never comes in to a new situation and makes wholesale changes (unless the area is in a desperate situation). He keeps things as is as much as possible, learns the lay of the land, and observes what works and what doesn’t. Only then does he make big changes, and you’re seeing Cook’s big changes starting now.

  3. I have never seen anything other than XP deployed at hospitals, business, etc. not once, zip, nada. Anytime I have asked about this, the response is like I stepped on someone’s foot. A kind of pained, oh no, never!

    1. A scary thought that your life is in the hands of ancient XP at all the Dr.’s offices and Hospitals. And by the looks of it probably for the rest of your life.

    2. Yup. Same when I visit clients. What all these people going on about the corporate market forget is that most workers most of the time are typing simple content, doing email, or accessing/inputting to database. ALL are tasks which can be done on very low end computers running very old versions of (shudder) Winblows. There is just no reason to upgrade the majority of business computers.

  4. If Balmerbutt keeps the policy of no return for 8 and the surface, it prevent “net’ sales from being reported therefore false sales figures. And the Surfaces will be returned in the tens of thousands without a prayer of getting a refund.

    Typical Microsoft and Balmerbutt. Hope he continues as MS’ CEO for many years to come.

  5. I am from India. The products that come out of Apple are US centric unlike windows and google. Msft and goog have products which are suited to Indian customers including regional settings. After updating to iOS 6 I lost my loving google maps and replaced by pathetic Apple maps which does not work in india at all. Siri doesnt recognise indian accent let alone languages but recently released google voice search does the job effortlessly. India is a big market for apple but they have to move fast. I recently updated to win 8 and really loving it and hope that it blossoms. At the same time if apple is willing to cater to the regional requirements of india, then apple will be my first choice.

    1. Perhaps you need to do some web browsing to find answers for your situation. What I see is:
      • “Windows Phone doesn’t support Hindi and most Asian language and seems there is no plan in Windows Phone 8. Yes in Windows 8 Tablet you can use Hindi.”
      • “On Safari with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger the handling of Indian scripts is amazingly flawless. If you wish to type in Hindi:
      1) Go to System Preferences
      2) Click on International
      3) Click on the Input tab and select Devanagari and/or Devanagari-QWERTY
      4) Check the Show Input Menu in Menu Bar for easy switching”
      Google maps still lives in the browser, if you really do trust it.

  6. I had to deploy two PCs yesterday, and I needed Windows 7 OEM, which is the standard for my client. I could not find a copy anywhere. Stores including Best Buy and Frys told me that all copies had been removed from shelves. Had to order on Amazon. I even called Microsoft and was told that they would not sell or support Windows 7, that I had to buy Windows 8. I suspect this is how they are going to remedy the problem of acceptance.

  7. News Ltd throughout Australia has been using XP for all office, editorial and Pre-press (now known as Pre-Media) departments and are now in the process of “updating” to Windows 7 which will take more than 18 months to implement Australia wide. (Most users are on old 2.1 to 2.3GHz HP Core2Duo machines that max out with 2.5GB of ram). Some are still using Pentiums.
    Browsers have just been updated to IE7.
    There are a few MacPros in use for video (SkyNews and web creation) but are very rare.
    iPads are just starting to make inroads (as are iPhones) for some “street savvy” Advertising Sales reps as News Ltd push for total integration of the back end to enable the reps to stay on the road and rarely be in the office. But they are giving the reps cheap HP laptops to use in their “toolkit”.
    In News Ltd’s case, Windows 8 will have to wait!
    By then, Apple desktops/laptops may be forced upon News Ltd due to overwhelming user demands of BYOD to the workforce!

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