InfoWorld reviews Microsoft Surface RT: A disappointment; you’re better off with Apple’s iPad

“After using a Surface tablet, it became crystal clear that the Surface is really an Office appliance, not a tablet à la the iPad,” Galen Gruman writes for InfoWorld. “But it’s not a very good Office appliance. One reason is that the hardware doesn’t work well for Office, even with the bundled keyboard cover, because the Office apps are nearly unusable with the touchscreen and just so-so with the keyboard’s trackpad. You’ll want a laptop’s superior input hardware if you do a lot of Office work. Even then, you’ll suffer from the poor Windows touch environment, where text selection is difficult, gestures are limited, and the heavy reliance on menus is interruptive.”

“If you’re looking just for a tablet, not an Office appliance, the Surface is also a disappointment,” Gruman writes. “Metro apps are few, and those that exist are largely limited both in their functionality and by their menu-oriented interface. You can do a lot more with an iPad… It’s ironic that Microsoft’s premier touch device needs a traditional keyboard and trackpad to make Office useful. The Windows RT touch UI (the same as Windows 8’s) simply doesn’t work well with legacy Windows applications — including Office 2013, despite a cleaner design than Office 2010.”

Gruman writes, “If you think you’ll use a Surface tablet to access corporate and other ‘rich’ Web apps, think again. They may not work. Microsoft has long made IE incompatible with the Web at large, but given its efforts to converge IE with the standard Web, it’s very disappointing to see that IE10 falls so far short… The rest of the software provided on the Surface are Metro apps, lightweight widgets that are much less capable than their iPad counterparts… Keep in mind there is nothing like iTunes for Windows RT, and you can’t install Apple’s iTunes for Windows on it. If you use iTunes on your PC, you can’t preserve that library or its playlists on the Surface… The Surface falls behind Android and way behind iOS in terms of what you can do with it… A key omission is support for cellular 3G and 4G networks; the Surface is Wi-Fi-only, so you can’t stay connected when on the road as you can with an iPad.”

“If you’re looking for a tablet to do the kinds of things people do on an iPad — entertainment, games, news and information services, social media, photo retouching, and some business productivity — you’re better off with Apple’s offering,” Gruman writes. “Microsoft doesn’t seem to know who the Surface RT is truly for, and the result is neither fish nor fowl. When all is said and done, the Surface RT is neither a good laplet nor a good tablet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another stellar review (for Apple’s iPad, not Surface; see related articles below) – and exactly what we expected over a year and a half ago:

Our initial impression is that Microsoft, in trying to cram everything into Windows 8 in an attempt to be all things to all devices, will end up with an OS that’s a jack of all trades and a master of none (which, after all, ought to be Microsoft’s company motto)… We simply do not see the world clamoring for the UI of an iPod also-ran now ported to an iPhone wannabe that nobody’s buying to be blown up onto a PC display.

From what we’ve seen so far, Windows 8 strikes us as an unsavory combination of Windows Weight plus Windows Wait.

Not to mention that probably no one on earth knows how much or what kinds of residual legacy spaghetti code roils underneath it all (shudder)… No matter what, if Microsoft’s going to ask Windows sufferers to “learn a whole new computer” (and that’s exactly how they’ll look at it, regardless of how Microsoft pitches it), millions will simply say, “Time to get a Mac to match my iPod, iPhone, and iPad!”

As if they needed it: More good news for Apple.MacDailyNews Take, June 6, 2011

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  1. I wanted to like Windows 8. I like new things and I was glad MS is finally taking touchscreens seriously. But after trying it this weekend, YUCK.

    I had to set it up on an HP TouchSmart desktop for one friend and an Asus non-touchscreen laptop for another friend this weekend. It’s HORRIBLE to use on a non-touchscreen laptop, so clunky and confusing. Not made for tiny PC laptop trackpads at all. Just impossible to use. And it’s only mildly less clunky and confusing on a touchscreen desktop.

    To close an app, you have to literally drag your finger all the way from the top of the screen to the bottom. So much fun to do on a 24″ touchscreen desktop. There is NO close button to click, you have to use this stupid gesture EVERY TIME.

    To shut down the PC, you swipe in from the right-hand edge to reveal the invisible “Charms” bar, then click “Settings,” then “Power”, then “Shut Down”. It’s like a treasure hunt! So engaging!

    Want to see all your running applications? Well there’s no taskbar, so you have to drag your finger from the left bezel to the right just a little bit, then reverse and go back toward the bezel to reveal a taskbar-like list of your open windows. Dumb and clumsy.

    Want to move a tile on your start screen up? Well first you have to drag it down, then up. Want to reveal the context menu for one of the tiles on the start screen? You have to drag it up and let it go, then at the bottom of the screen the context menu will appear. WTF??

    I could go on, and on, and on, but you get the idea. Everything in Windows 8 is like this, completely un-intuitive, requiring weird and awkward gestures to accomplish.

    The guy who wanted Windows 8 on his laptop was quite disappointed with it. His exact words to me were, “Why did they have to make everything so hard?”

    1. But this *is* intuitive! Quit thinking of it as a computer and start thinking of it as a Window! You’re not using a mouse; rather, you are using a paper towel and Windex® — then it all becomes clear: up, down, up, down, around, quick back-and-forth over here where there was a smudge, and so on.

  2. This just says everything so well…. “The guy who wanted Windows 8 on his laptop was quite disappointed with it. His exact words to me were, “Why did they have to make everything so hard? ”

    Just a delightful thought.

    1. Windows 8 is going to sell A LOT of Macs in 2013, that I can guarantee you. Take a look at this typical Best Buy pc shopper encountering Windows 8 for the first time at the store:

      1. “Gesture heavy”? – typical MS methodology for having to go thru multiple steps, menus, etc., in order to accomplish one thing… and he talks like that is a good thing.

        I guess because it’s “very intuitive”.

        And why is it plugged in?

    1. I think the existence of Windows 8 is the best commercial for OS X. People will try it out in Best Buy, it will make them feel frustrated and stupid, then they’ll stop by the Mac table and OS X will be downright familiar to them compared to the alien landscape that is Windows 8.

      Remember, the #1 reason consumers still buy PCs with Windows is, “I don’t want to learn a new system.”

  3. i havent seen the windows tablet yet in person, but i have tried a windows 8 on a laptop last weekend and it is horrible, very confusing, frustrating and not user friendly. This windows surface tablet comes in wifi only, so that alone puts it at a disadvantage over the ipad which was introduces in 2010. in other words microsoft FAILED

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