Analysts: Momentous Apple shakeup could be just what the doctor ordered

“The scale of Apple’s surprising executive management shakeup this week would normally be a sign of big trouble, but analysts said the moves could be just what the Cupertino company needed,” Benny Evangelista writes for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“The changes should help take some of the pressure off Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, who is better known as an operations manager than a product development executive,” Evangelista writes. “‘They now have a tighter team that has more control over the destiny of products that are interrelated, and that’s a big plus,’ said analyst Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies of Campbell. ‘They’re streamlining the decision-making process when it comes to technology and in doing so, you’d never have one of those map-making fiascos again.'”

Evangelista writes, “‘At first glance, something feels off,’ said analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray. ‘A year after Steve Jobs dies, you have some pretty significant management changes. It looks a little messy, but the direction and future of the company are probably in better hands than they were before.’ … [Jonathan] Ive is a product visionary who seems to illustrate ‘the real culture of Apple’ more than Forstall, analyst Gene Munster said.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Except when there are design flaws with the iPhone antenna.

      They he told you to quit whining and gave you a free case to fix the hardware flaw.

      Don’t look back with rose colored glasses, Job stumbled occasionally himself. Remember web apps, how about how long it took disc burning to come to the mac? Ping? Final Cut X? Who put Schmidt on the board?

      Steve wasn’t infallible.

    1. I don’t think the markets are punishing Apple. I think they’re only reacting to uncertainty – from the impending election, bad economic news at home and abroad, a dismal forecast for the holiday season, and the recent storm.

      The analysts, on the other hand, are working hard to try to shore up Apple, since they’ve all bought in during the recent free-fall (approaching 20% loss in just a few months) and are trying to turn the momentum around.

  1. The idiot, no clue analists fail to correlate the firingof these two moral detracting personel for their slip ups, to the very hiccups they sighted as tell tale signs of Apple missing more than a beat after the passing of Steve Jobs…

    They wouldnt know a culprit if it bit them in the ass.

    Apple is a team, self important tangents and decisions, cannot be tolerated by anyone but the Jobs appointed leader . It’s a welcome house cleaning and moral booster, their ouster!

    1. wrong – dead wrong

      IOS is the market where Apple has come back from the grave.
      Scott has been there leading that reincarnated revolution.

      I am sure Apple will do fine without Scott…
      but FINE is not enough.

  2. Get rid of the fluff and the anchors, Apple. When it comes to competition in the marketplace, like the battlefield, it is advantageous to be “mobile, agile, and hostile”.

    1. Like the battlefield, he he he, hilarious. Oh, don’t forget it also pays to be accurate, otherwise you end up sending your troops to the wrong place on a goose chase. That should sound familiar.

  3. – Did Tim Cook said that Bob Mansfield will stay on for another 2 years in the press release? I assume, when BM leave Apple, Dan Riccio will take over the “Technologies” group.

    – I’d interested to know where Scott Forstall will go next. Join Nest? Google (hope not)? Microsoft (no way Jose)?

    – John Browett.. nobody will remember him past Holloween 🙂 Perhaps, he will holding a sign says “Will Work Retail For Food” in one of the UK’s Tube station. 🙂

    1. Forestall is a multi-multi-millionaire, he doesn’t really have to “go anywhere” if he doesn’t want to. If I were him, I’d relax for a few years on a beach somewhere and enjoy my money and reflect on my accomplishments. And whatever you think of him, remember that he has accomplished much. According to Jobs’ biography, he’s the one most directly responsible for the iPhone running iOS not a scaled up linux iPod OS.

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