Apple’s retail head Browett guides tour of new Beijing store, confirms upcoming Shenzhen store

“Apple is gearing up to open its third store in Beijing on the famous Wangfujing shopping street,” Josh Ong reports for TNW. “Taking the title as the largest store in Asia, the three-story location demonstrates Apple’s heavy investment to court the Chinese market.”

The Next Web (in conjunction with the Beijinger) attended a media preview on Thursday where Apple Senior Vice President John Browett discussed the company’s commitment to China,” Ong repots. “Browett went so far as to say that, in his opinion, the new location is the best store Apple has built in Asia so far. That would presumably take the unofficial title from the IFC Hong Kong store, which was Apple’s most expensive store to date when it opened last year. It also surpasses a Shanghai store that was formerly the largest in China.”

Ong reports, “Apple says it is staffing the Wangufjing location with 300 retail employees, bringing the total number in Beijing to more than 800… Beyond Shenzhen, Apple is already planning more stores in other cities. Browett says the company’s goal is to eventually serve ‘every customer in every city’ but he admitted that it’s going to take ‘some time.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Next week John plans to cut the staff by 10%, eliminate all overtime and promotions, and make each remaining employee pay a monthly fee for their badges. Just kidding… we hope.

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      1. Absofuckinglutely! Browett is a potential catastrophe far Apple if they don’t cut him loose soon. But they have had enough time since the most recent screwup’s by him so we are left to wonder if this is the direction Apple is going in the future? Is this a conscious decision by those now in charge at Apple? If he stays that is a big yes. Apple, it’s just a huge corporation. It’s not anybody’s best buddy. And it is obviously run to make a profit. It’s not a non-profit goody-goody company that is out there trying to be everybody’s friend. And profit is good. I love it. I invest in apple. I want it to make money. I’m not a fanboy. I love Apple’s stuff and have used them forever. But I’m no fanboy. I invest in Apple to make money. But Browett creates the potential roadblock for investors. He will screw up customer service and the Apple retail experience so bad that Apple’s value to shareholders will drop precipitously in the future. Of this I am absolutely certain. Get his dumb ass out of there Tim Cook! Now! MDN, you need to do something about this. Run another survey. Help create a firestorm. Complain about things that are really important regarding Apple. Quit whining about everything else.

    1. I am not defending Browett, because I don’t know enough about his day-to-day contributions at Apple to know if he is doing a good job.

      Browett’s early move with respect to Apple retail personnel was a significant mistake. I charitably chalked it up to the new manager being hasty to make a mark for himself. That personnel action was reversed, and I am not aware that he has done anything terrible since.

      Are you still basing your firing recommendation on that early mistake? Or do you have something new to contribute regarding Browett’s performance?

  1. There’s something wrong with a manager who arrives on the scene of his new job and immediately perpetrates FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) as his management style. That act proves: (A) Inferiority on the manager’s part; (B) A lack of adequate experience; (C) Zero worthwhile experience at the other end of the management and employee relationship.

    It would be great if Mr. Browett has turned his dire blunders and resulting HATRED from his employees into a learning experience. But then I have to ask: Why was he hired, if he has to learn his way into his job? This is a Vice President of Apple? Unworthy.

    And then there’s that next step in the sense-of-inferiority cycle. The fact that the manager’s acts result in HATRED from the employees, provides further incentive to feel inferior. Thus the fallout from the sense of inferiority is magnified. A raging flameout is common at the end of these cycles. Not good. Not good at all.

    Clue: NEVER let anyone from marketing manage anything, not ever the marketing division. There are wonderful exceptions whereby we find remarkable leaders who can crossover and communicate between productive people and marketing people. I consider Steve jobs to be one of them.

    So Apple: Hire some Steve Jobs types please! Let THEM run your marketing and everything else.

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