Apple’s ‘iPad mini’ likely to be Wi-Fi-only, but revised 9.7-inch ‘Lightning’ model will offer 4G LTE in more countries, say sources

“Apple’s expected ‘iPad mini’ will only come in a Wi-Fi version – but there will also be a revised version of the iPad with 4G connectivity compatible with the UK’s Everything Everywhere network, and sporting the new ‘Lightning’ connector, industry sources have told the Guardian,” Charles Arthur reports for The Guardian.

“Multiple sources contacted by the Guardian have indicated that they think the announcement of the “iPad mini” is imminent, with retail sources saying that they anticipate new products in November,” Arthur reports. “Industry sources indicated to the Guardian that they do not expect to see 3G-capable versions of the iPad mini. That would allow Apple to produce it comparatively cheaply and to limit the top price of the product, while retaining mobile broadband connectivity for its pricier iPad line.”

Arthur reports, “Sources also indicated that they expect Apple to refresh the iPad line by following up the introduction of the iPhone 5, which is 4G-capable in the UK through Everything Everywhere’s 1800MHz network – and from next September with Three – with revised versions using the same 1800MHz 4G chip and the new connector.”

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    1. Apple needs to keep the price low and competitive but 3G/4G would be a great selling point. And I think it will sell like hotcakes in any version. I have had all three models of the iPad and absolutely love it. I go with the Wi-Fi only version. I’m trying to figure out a reason why I should buy the mini. I’m going to guess that I’ll find a reason somehow. But there will be millions out there who will have a good reason to buy it and will buy it. I think this will be a fantastic product for Apple. The margins may be lower than the iPad and iPhone but it will help pull in more iOS users. And in the end, that’s what matters. I’ll bet my six-year-old granddaughter will be able to hold it easier than she does daddy’s iPad. And she does just fine with the full-size iPad mind you.

    2. Totally agree. A iPad mini would have a lot of uses that could benefit from 3G/4G connection. I would imagine it will cost more than a WiFi only model but that is to be expected.

      @iRobot – electronics will always getting surpassed by a newer model. I always look at the whether there is advantage in buying Apple products earlier or waiting for the next release. You have had 6 months of use from the iPad – was that useful to you or would waiting another 6-8 months going to be worth it.

    3. If there’s no cellular, then the “iPad mini” is really the iRemote, the device Apple has really been working on to revolutionize the living room/TV experience while our buddy Gene beat the drums about an iTV. Which makes more sense anyway: Multiple iRemotes for your house, much less expensive than a 60″ HDTV, more easily upgradeable AND REPLACEABLE, and easier to drop support for after 5-6 years as hardware improves and software demands more.

  1. Releasing a new iPad 9.7″ model half way through the cycle of the current New iPad just to replace the dock connector would be a huge letdown or me, as I bough it just 6mo ago with all the camera and dock accessories. Apple could’ve easily included it then, since they already planned to do it to the iphone 5. I hope this isn’t true.

  2. I usually go right by these rumor pieces but today I took the lure.

    Most rumors are total bullshit. Some of it is wishful thinking, some evil Samsung propaganda, some evil Microsoft propaganda, some evil Google propaganda, rarely a smidgin of truth.

  3. I use my iPad (3rd Gen.) a lot for work, but also to read and surf the interwebs.
    The ” mini” will be great for reading in bed, navigator in car, and in some cases for work.

  4. I’m not going to be particularly bothered whether the iPad mini has 4G LTE or not. If it does, great, that’ll be my next iPhone as the 4″ iPhone 5 screen size is a tad too small for me. I would totally rock the 7.85″ screen and won’t mind putting it up against my face as I talk. Consider it my super humongous iPhone if you will.

    ‘The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.’

    If it doesn’t have 4G LTE, I’ll simply tether it to my iPhone 4S via the hotspot function. I’ll still use it to surf the web and do the thousand other things that I can do on my iPhone but with a bigger screen.

    1. it’s called ‘marketing gimmick’ which is used by many companies. but apple especially take advantage of this. but unfortunately, no matter how apple will try to sell, ipad mini won’t succeed this time. game is totally changed. it’s still the biggest mistake apple ever does. you will see it as the same as apple TV.

  5. Widescreen on a tablet makes portrait orientation awkward. The 4:3 ration of iPad makes it comfortable no matter how its held. That is its beauty. If it is strictly for mobile video consumption like a portable DVD player, then widescreen yes. If you want broader functionality, then no, stick with the 4:3.

    Also, I don’t really know why and cellular mini iPad would not not be available, but for my purposes, now that personal hotspot is included in the AT&T shared data plans, I could live with a wifi only iPad (I have an iPad with LTE that I would not give up), and just piggy back off my phone. As of now, I don’t know if I’ll get a mini… But history suggests I will find an excuse to do so…

  6. Either way.. I want an iPad “mini” … So do my 5 kids… We’ll keep our other 3 iPads and 4 iPhones … Will be nice to have something lighter and much more portable to tote around. As for me as an ER nurse, having something I can place in my cargo pockets in my Aviator scrub pants would be an awesome idea. Just placing my iPhone 4S in those pockets and then trying to use it to gather or cross reference info is just too hard. Also, Kaiser is in the process in testing the use of iPads and iPhones at the bedside in the ER and throughout the hospital. BIG things on the horizon for Apple and medical/nursing industry. I can’t wait 😉

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