Andy Zaky: It’s time to buy Apple; stock headed straight for $1000 per share

“History has repeatedly taught us that the best time to buy Apple is when the bearish sentiment in the stock has reached the pinnacle of extreme pessimism. When every guest on CNBC is calling for the imminent demise of Apple, when every headline is making a case for why Apple has peaked, and when the stock continues to slide by over a 2% a day right in the face of a market rally, that’s when you know it’s time to buy,” Andy Zaky writes for Bullish Cross.

“At $630 a share, Apple’s stock has the potential to rally over 60% over the coming 12-month period. And that’s assuming Apple merely continues to trade at the same depressed valuation it has been trading at over the last several quarters now,” Zaky writes. “If Apple’s valuation were to somehow improve, we can see Apple reach $1000 a share much sooner than many expect – perhaps even as early as next July.”

Zaky writes, “Apple is very cheap at these levels and is getting very close to a final bottom. While it could very well rebound and then struggle a little after earnings, the fact of the matter is, Apple at $630 a share presents us with an extraordinary buying opportunity. The stock is headed straight for $1000 a share. Don’t get too caught up in bearish sentiment. It’s time to buy Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When has Zaky been wrong about an Apple price target?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Alex S.” for the heads up.]


  1. seriously, I doubt that this guy is really analyst? for all situation, data, apple won’t even go up to $700 this year. it will fall another 10%. apple’s heyday is gone. it is shown the sign nowadays. iPhone 5 didn’t hit & impress to shareholders. just expect that another $60 billions market value next two months. why? because ipad mini will fail just like apple TV. it’s wrong time, wrong place.

    1. Regarding: “seriously, I doubt that this guy is really analyst?

      If an analyst is someone who has a following that listens to his advice regarding AAPL, then Andy Zaky is an analyst. He charges $1,000 for a six month subscription and has over 700 subscribers. I know about this because I am one of his subscribers.

      If an analyst is someone who has a good track record in calling the bottom for AAPL, then Andy Zaky is an analyst. I know about this because a few months back when Andy Zaky called for a bottom on AAPL, I bought a considerable number of shares at $535.

      The question Edward is “Are you a troll?”

      1. Good points. Most analysts are bashed on the site when Apple fails to do well at different times during the year in particular earnings. Analysts are not always accurate. Nor is anyone else in their profession always accurate. Many who post on the site believe that because an analyst is wrong that he is trying to manipulate the stock price. Few if any analysts are that powerful. There are enough people out there who do try to sink a company’s stock not just Apple. Most who post on this site know little about the stock market. They only get pissed off when anyone speaks poorly about Apple. Which seems silly to me because Apple is just a big company. And I like their stuff don’t get me wrong. But to constantly defend some huge corporation and in this case the biggest out there naw,that’s just plain stupid. Those are fanboys. On the other side of common sense would be trolls. There are a few trolls but many, many fanboys on the site. Objectivity is quite often difficult to find here. But I’ll bet the fanboys love this analyst!

      2. I’ve known about Andy Zaky and Bullish Cross for years. (Back when Bullish Cross was a free blog.) What benefits do you gain from the paid membership? I’m not a very sophisticated investor. I basically buy AAPL and hold it. I’m thinking of joining Bullish Cross, but would like to know more about the benefits you see from it. Thanks!

        1. All you need to know is that, for the past several years Apple has been growing revenue faster than 30% per annum, that Earnings have grown more than 40% per annum, and that AAPL has grown more than 30% per annum.

          Buy AAPL today at $640? Absolutely, but if you had ignored the “experts” you would of bought AAPL for less than $620 (when the experts were saying you shouldn’t) less than 2 months ago.

          It doesn’t matter when you buy, since October 2008 AAPL has been higher 6 months later than it was when you bought it. Without exception.

          Ignore the pundits, ignore the dips, buy AAPL and don’t look back.

      3. So Grwisher, as a bullishcross subscriber who paid $1000 for a six month subscription, how much money did you loose? Oh, let me guess, you were smart enough to exit or scale back as per Zaky’s advice on the forum? oh wait, he didn’t make any such advice.

    2. Hey Edward, so it looks like all these Zaky worshippers came out looking like idiots and “trolls”. Congrats on calling it right. Few weren’t part of the sheeple herd.

  2. Sure. I agree. Time to pick up some AAPL. But possibly for a very short period. Earnings is on the 25th. Earnings could be very, very scary. Holding AAPL through earnings is risky. You will probably be able to pick up shares or options post earnings at a better value. But that’s a probably. You never can tell with AAPL. But buying some deep in the money calls here does look inviting. In any case you definitely want to be holding AAPL through the end of the year and into next year. The first quarter should be fabulous.

  3. Andy has been right on, except for one time and that was July 2012 earnings release. He missed it bad. But I agree Apple is way undervalued in price but it doesn’t matter because MM’s control the price of the stock not fundamentals.

  4. I hope Apple shareholders don’t get their hopes up too high because of Zaky. Settle for $750 by the end of the year and consider yourselves fortunate. $750 would be pretty fair and reasonable. In that respect it is time to buy Apple because it will go up. However, there’s no point in getting carried away. The news media will continue to pummel Apple with bad news and that’s not good for Apple shareholders at all. No matter what Apple does, it will be be spun negatively by the news media for reasons I’m not entirely clear about. It doesn’t make much sense to try to undermine a successful U.S. company when the economy is as poor as it is.

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