Purported iPad mini photos confirm design leaks and Lightning connector

“Apple’s yet to be announced iPad Mini has been revealed in leaked pictures online,” Chris Martin reports for PC Advisor.

“The pictures come courtesy of Sonny Dickson’s Twitter feed, a researcher for 9to5Mac,” Martin reports. “The iPad Mini is significantly smaller than the regular iPad. It supposedly uses a 7.85in screen.”

Martin reports, “The iPad Mini sports the new Lightning connector which came into play with the iPhone 5. There’s also the familiar aluminium case, rear facing camera and side mounted buttons.”

Read more and see the photos in the full article here.


    1. If these photos are accurate, the mini is actually larger than I imagined. It appears 7.85 is noticeably larger than a 7 inch display. This will be a big side by side differentiator in the mini’s favor, along with the aluminum case and being very thin. It will look beautiful, 10 million won’t be enough for the holidays.

  1. Observations.

    Although it may be somewhat thinner, to this designer’s eyes the rounded, rather than sloped, edges of the iPad mini make it appear to be less svelte and more clunky looking. Understandable if, as I suspect, this device is aimed at the educational market. Easier to hold in small hands.

    The ‘bezel” around the camera lens appears much thicker than on the full-sized iPad.

    Does the three buttons on the upper right side edge indicate separate buttons for volume up and volume down? And those buttons are white (light grey?).

    And what’s with the two sets of speaker holes separated by a Lightening connector?

    The back simply says iPad. To me, this says that at the time the photo was taken they were still undecided on what to call it.

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