HTC switching smartphone component orders away from Samsung to other suppliers, sources say

“HTC has reduced its purchases of smartphone components from Samsung Electronics, switching its orders for CMOS image sensors from the Korea-based supplier to OmniVision and Sony, and shifting part of its AMOLED panel orders to AU Optronics (AUO), according to industry sources,” Daniel Shen and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“HTC’s move comes after Apple initiated a new procurement strategy by reducing its reliance on Samsung for the supply of some key smartphone components for risk control, said the sources,” Shen and Shen report.

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  1. Not sure why this is relevant to Apple? Frankly having Samsung rely heavily on it proprietary products might not be that great of an advantage for anyone. Heck I would not shy away from suggesting that Samsung could easily take HTC right out of the game by buying them.

    Samsung will he just fine as will Apple as will MSFT as these companies always deal with variables. Nothing to see here.

          1. I will agree when it comes to first time buyers… but at least in the tablet arena second time buyers likely won’t make the same mistake going the cheap route (aka Android) after using the crap devices.

            I’ve witnessed a child just get a New iPad. She used to have a Pandigital tablet. The Pandigital tablet promised apps and music and games and fun that it simply didn’t provide. The software was buggy. Apps didn’t install correctly. The promised update didn’t work/couldn’t be installed to fix the mess. This is a typical symptom of being orphaned with no updates on the Android platform in regards to tablets. When people make such an ill-informed decision to buy junk with bad results, they tend to change their tune and get what they wanted in the first place (aka Apple) the second time around. The little girl is very pleased to say the least. The Pandigital Android tablet isn’t being used at all now lol.

            Given Apple has over 2/3’s of the marketshare in tablets market, apparently lots and lots of people make the right decision on the first go by getting the iPad. The iPad mini will only further entrench Apple’s tablets with cheaper price points.

            1. Please, don’t kick off this political B.S.! Arguments can (and have) been made supporting both sides to the extreme. These beliefs are unlikely to be changed by anything posted on this forum, particularly useless drivel without substance.

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