iPad mini production rumored to have been halted over last-minute ‘form shift’

“According to a brief report from Macotakara, [iPad mini] case manufacturers may now need to shift gears as one company has reported that it has halted production on its iPad mini cases due to an unspecified design change,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

Large OEM mobile accessory maker has stopped their iPad mini case production, because the form of iPad mini seems to be changed. Source told me the round shape seems changed, then case designed based on leaked iPad mini may be dropped.Macotakara

“The design change may simply be a small tweak that may not be immediately obvious in low-resolution parts photos but significant enough to cause problems for case manufacturers trying to get a head start on the iPad mini launch,” Slivka reports.

Read more in the full article here.


  1. So here’s me running Apple: “What’s the easiest thing to change on the design that would affect case manufacturers (because they keep selling is out and need a smack down)?”

    “Moving the microphone hole. (Or the shape of the taper, or the location of the microsim, or the xxxx)”

    “Great. Put it in all the plans as HERE (points to blueprint), but days before production quick-switch it to HERE.”

    “That’s an awesome idea, Nerd. You are the best CEO ever.”

    “Aw shucks. (Blushes)”

  2. “Speculator accessory manufacturer rumored to have halted production of accessory case prior to any announcement of a device which the case was hoping to cover.”

    Doesn’t sell many hits but it’s more accurate.

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