62% of U.S. teens plan to buy iPhone as their next phone; iPhone usage hits 40% among U.S. teens

“Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster today released a report outlining the results of his semi-annual survey of U.S. teenagers, revealing that iPhone and iPad usage continues to surge among the demographic,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“The survey of over 7,700 teenagers shows that 40% of respondents currently use an iPhone, up from 34% in the last survey conducted just six months ago,” Slivka reports. “Apple also appears well-positioned with teenagers going forward, with 62% of survey respondents stating that they plan to obtain an iPhone as their next phone.”

Slivka reports, “On the topic of tablets, Munster found that 44% of teenagers now have a tablet device of some sort, with 72% of those using an iPad. Roughly 35% of survey respondents who do not yet have a tablet (20% of total respondents) are planning to obtain one in the next six months. Of those, 74% are planning to purchase an iPad.”

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  1. I personally am tired of Gene Munster hyping Apple so much. When he is wrong, and that is often, there is ALWAYS an explanation. But the stock goes down, never up with his comments. The market has a negative response to him. It was his comments largely that initiated stock decline when he stated that “worst case scenario” would be 6 million iPhone 5 sales for the first weekend… and Apple sold 5 million. Even though this was a 100% increase over the 4s sales record. Analysts ALWAYS have an agenda, and while Munster holds no positions himself, he provides advice to those that do. I would like it if (for the next 3 months) he just kept his opinion to himself and his clients. And we can look at the numbers that carriers and Apple provides to gauge our interest in buying stock. Just saying.

    1. Do you really think that Gene Munster or any other analyst has that much clout? The stock moves based on many factors and if it was just what Gene said or so and so said then I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams.

      If you continue to end your posts with ‘just saying’ then you weaken your whole post to something that you don’t mean and are just flapping your gums. Say it like you mean it and mean what you say.

    2. I’d say listening to Munster is far more dangerous than listening to Katy Huberty. I’ll go for the more conservative analysts any day of the week. I also believe Munster should just keep quiet but he certainly isn’t going to listen to me. As far as I’m concerned he doesn’t know diddly about Apple’s supply chain. As an outsider, how could he. I don’t know if he was the cause of the start of Apple’s “lost weekend” slide, but him saying things like “X number is the worst case scenario” is just too irresponsible. However he’s always got to get is own “facetime” and start blabbering away outrageous numbers.

      Whoever these “investors” are that believe his every word, they are really stupid. Nobody can accurately predict sales of Apple products. It’s too complicated when there are so many distribution points. Nor can anyone tell how fast assembly will go especially if they run into quality control problems. Why is there always these sales numbers guessing games for Apple? What difference could it possibly make in the short term? Only a full quarters worth of numbers should be important. A week means nothing and a weekend even less. Apple can’t supply a weeks worth of product when demand is that high because they can’t produce any product fast enough to meet that sort of demand.

      Five million units is a HUGE amount in realistic terms. These aren’t toasters, pieces of candy or cotton balls we’re talking about. These are sophisticated electronic devices. You’d figure a jackass would know you can’t turn those things out with a cookie cutter.

  2. Teens today are extremely tech savy …. And unlike grown ups they share tech info and experience with peers..in addition they are well informed and are usually unwilling to compromise their desires to save money… If you have kids you know money is not a concern when they want something…. This bodes well for
    Apple in the long term as those teens will be in
    the Apple fold early and in great numbers… And will be loyal users for life.

    1. I resent that remark. There is a definite trick to life, and that’s the ability get older. You’ll learn in due time grasshopper; older not old.

      Samsung commercials never show their products doing anything on the screen, just like the clicking crap.

  3. I dont know about that. I’ve been trying to talk my mom into getting a iPhone for the longest. She and my little bro have been android users. My little bro flipped to the 4s like 2 months before the 5 came out. I warned him to just wait a few months for the new one. 14 y/o’s have to learn on thier own though. No telling them anything.
    Just a few days ago He asked me to sell his 4s for him cuz I sell my iPhone everytime a new one gets announced. He knows i can sell it quickly. He wants the Samsung g3. The way I see it if I were younger I’d prolly want the g3 as well. It’s more gimmicky. Stuff like facial reconicition. It sounds cool but to see in action it’s gimmicky to me. With lighting and all that. Mostly young people fall for the gimmicky stuff and see the commercials and fall for the BS. Not knowing they will regret it sooner or later. Prolly sooner then later.
    I told him to look on CL and see how many G3 owners are looking to trade their phones for iPhones. Or selling cuz they just got the new iPhone. There a ton more people trading/selling G3’s for iPhones then vice versa. Wonder why…

        1. The old and tired iOS does not stand a chance with the younger consumer once the kick ass Nokia 920 hits the street with its great build, colours and of course an OS that speaks interactive work of art.

          Now back to you basement and be quiet.

  4. This is meaningless… To poll teens and say, “yep, they’re going to be buying a iPhone for their next phone” and that means they will actually do it is another! First a “teen” is someone between the age of 13 and 19. That leaves only 18 and 19 year olds that can actually buy a contract phone on their own. Second. If they did happen to be of age to sign a contract then the most likely won’t qualify for one without a deposit. So, that leaves only those who will be talking mommy and daddy into getting one. I deal with a lot of “teens” everyday that want an iPhone for their next phone, but how many of them actually talk mom and dad into getting one is a far different thing! Not to say that I don’t sell a lot of phones to parents that are getting a iPhone for their kids. No, I do! But, there are a lot of them that are just wishfull thinking.

  5. Where O’ where has the little BLN gone?
    Where o’ where can he be?

    What, No mea culpa on your bafoonery that the younger generation was going ‘roid in droves?

    Turns out things are pretty much as I thought; only idiots and apple haters buy ‘roids.

      1. There are some pretty confusing stats out there (including goo’s fantasy “activation” figures) but most are reported by bloggers and “tech journalists” who are directly or indirectly paid by google. Really, what do you think they are going to write?

        Ok getting it right, first there are quite a few apple haters & idiots out there (too bad for the haters that they let irrational hatred deprive them of the best devices, but so be it)

        But (and this is the second thing):
        Virtually all the ‘roid companies are imploding except samesung (LG is a shell of it’s former self and see recent stories of HTC’s recent market collapse), Shamsung who sell far less smartphones (even including all the 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 giveaways) than apple
        (Now I will give you that for a month (right before the release of the iPhone5) they actually outsold apple, but other than that short period they are consistently eating apple’s dust)

        So yes, I think you are clearly deluding yourself. Here is a hint that may help you clear you head Don’t drink quite so much ‘roid punch from Heir Schmidt’s fountain of fantasy.

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