Chemical analysis reveals that Apple’s iPhones have fewer toxics than most smartphones

“High technology feels so clean—no coal or steam or mess, just cool aluminum, sleek plastics, and polished glass. But that clean surface hides an interior that is far messier and more toxic,” Kyle Wiens reports for iFixIt. ” In partnership with, we bring you a chemical analysis of 36 mobile phones, including the iPhone 5.”

“It’s easy to forget that toxic chemicals also lurk behind your phone’s smooth face and behind your computer’s keyboard. Yet lurk they do: high tech parts are made up of hazardous flame retardants, PVC, bromine, and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, tin, cadmium, and chromium,” Wiens reports. “In general, the results are hopeful. Newer phones are being made with fewer hazardous chemicals: every phone that was ranked of ‘high concern’ was released before 2010. The newest phones, including the iPhone 5, are some of the best.”

Read more and see the results of the chemical tests in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Excellent job, Apple!

We await the Greenpeace press release with bated breath.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Can we get a certified report please. Apple paid propaganda just never stops. I cannot believe the crap that gets published for which Apple pays for!

    Greenpeace will challenge this to no end if it becomes news worthy, which of course it will not become. This propaganda only makes its way to iSheep blogs.

    1. Hey troll, this is called SCIENCE. It can be tested and verified by other interested parties.

      Go bury your head in the sand. It might keep you from hearing the good news about Apple!

      1. Science??? It is not Science when you pay for the Report. Let the Feds complete the report and then maybe it has merit. Science will tell you that every device is home to similar components provided by the same suppliers. iSheeps just kill me!

        1. Show your proof that Apple paid for anything in that report. I would imagine that those who did the research would be delighted to hear that their integrity is being maligned by you.
          They might even be inclined to sue you for libel, among other things.
          Unless, of course, you can provide incontrovertible proof that Apple paid for the results that were arrived at.
          Come on then, show your proof.

    2. Gary is a Troll, it’s has just been hate and negative trolling against Apple for the last month by him and his selected trollers, all this happened when Samsung got handed the death verdict, We now have gained a clear mental case that needs professional help.

      Better a sheep then a trolling loser.

      1. What death verdict? The one where Sammy has not paid out a penny on? The one that the Court postponed hearing Apple’s request to ban Sammy devices until December? the one that did not stop the Court to lift the ban on the Galaxy 10.1 tab? or maybe the one that now has Samsung producing the displays for the Mini Me iPad, the A6 chip. Oh yeah that one! Your are a fool!

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