iPad mini: Now may not be the time

“The furor over the iPhone 5’s launch has started to die down, but the rumor mill can only be sated temporarily,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld.

“Whispers have been swelling that Apple plans to introduce a smaller iPad—an iPad mini, they say—with a 7.85-inch screen,” Moren writes. “And now that speculation has a date attached to it: October 10 is rumored to be the day when Apple will issue invitations for a mid-month press event where it will announce its new tablet.”

Moren writes, “That date is all too soon. But while I think it’s likely that Apple will produce a smaller iPad at some point, I don’t think that point is here yet.”

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        1. Well, there is only the one iPad mini.  Should Jim say yep yep yep, or is one enough?

          There’s an iPad mini, for sure.  Those who say otherwise don’t know sh*t.

    1. have you even red newspapers? manufacture is already started in Brazil. there are also few cases out in the market. it’s actually confirmed by WSJ. but I am not positive on sale. if apple will fail to adjust the price point, their lovely new ipod touch sale will hurt badly. right now, there is no way apple could sell it around $299. it’s too late. they shouldn’t make ipad mini. 7 inch market is already a big domination by android. the game is changed. apple can’t compete here.

  1. I can cite a thousand reasons why now would be a good time but I’ll leave you with a couple:

    – It’s the Christmas season – the season where Apple traditionally makes its highest sales. Why forego this window when the hardware is ready to roll.

    – They could do a combination launch with the iMac and Mac mini refresh, which is long overdue.

    – iTunes 11 is due in October. While there is no strong correlation between iTunes 11 and the iPad mini, why was it not released during the iPhone 5 launch?

    The iPad mini fills the niche that Apple maps created – in car navigation tool – and creates a network effect for the purchase of apps and bringing in consumers at a lower, more affordable price level than the iPad without sacrificing too much in terms of screen space.

    And lastly, it’s pocketable and light. Light enough to carry around with you on your daily commute.

    1. BLN – I agree with all of your points except – “more affordable”. Price point is exactly what I struggle with every time I read about an iPad mini. What would you price it at?

      I think to be a true contender, it has to be priced in the iPod touch range … a range that is already filled by the iPod touch in the Apple product matrix. And not much lower than the iPad.

      It’s really hard to compete against Apple, even if you’re Apple … priced the same as an iPod touch – you cannablize the iPod touch market. Priced the same as an iPad – why would anyone want to pay the same for smaller?

      I would seriously consider replacing my current iPad with an iPad mini – I like the size described much better (and no I don’t think I’d need to sand my fingers down to use it – they handle typing on the much smaller iPhone just fine!)

      I would also add to your list of reasons why – There exists a market for children. Cheaper and smaller is the perfect mix for people to buy it for their kids.

      1. I forgot about the children’s market. Yes, that would make a very compelling case for the iPad mini – educational use.

        I think the price point will be at $299 for 16GB Wi-Fi only. Apple can make the distinction between that and the iPod touch by saying that the iPod touch (5th generation) starts at $299 for 32GB. The amount of storage could be the distinguishing factor.

        Besides the iPad market is on the ascendancy and the iPod market, including the touch, is on the decline. I don’t think Apple will mind potential iPod touch customers buying the iPad because the money ends up with Apple anyway which expands sales, rather than see sales dripping away to nothing over time by competitors nipping at their heels.

        1. 2 excellent points by BLN & Cubert (below)!

          iPad mini 16Gb at the same cost of iPod touch 32Gb. That would make sense. And that’s very marketable.

          As well, give a memory or spec bump to the iPad to justify the slight higher cost there.

          I’m sold! Now all I need to know is when I can get my hands on one!!

      2. Totally agree on the price conundrum. Unless they release a spec-bumped iPad (remember there is no longer any numbering system to fret about) at a slightly higher price target and keep the old iPad 3.

        1. The price point of the iPod touch (5h generation) and iPad mini can coincide (at $299) without any problems because they each address a different market segment – one is a portable music player while the other is a scaled down tablet.

          A fully optioned BMW 3 series with a high capacity engine reaches into the price point of a lower optioned 5 series, yet they address different market segments.

          1. Not to pick specifically on you, BLN, but am I the only person who gets tired of seeing the term “price point” used to refer to the “price”? Every price I’ve ever seen for a product was a “point”.

            1. The term “price point” refers to an aspect of marketing. There is a tipping point on the price of any product where if the price is too high, you’ll lose X% of business because of perceived lack of value. And conversely if the price is too low, Y% of people will think it’s “junk” and unworthy of purchase. I’m sure Apple has made price point analysis a science by this time.

  2. just wait.

    Apple will unleash a smaller iPad, and it will be 7.84″ not the 7.85 the “journalists” are talking about… and they will bash Apple for not meeting consumer demands. Or it will be 7.35″ and they will be mad at Apple for misleading them. It will be Apple’s fault due to a typo from the Chinese “source”

      1. Well what can I say? When I’m wrong I admit I’m wrong. They did it didn’t they?
        Having seen & used one I have to admit I’m impressed. And I still think sales of of the 10″ ipad will suffer as a result.
        @thethirdshoe I have iPods iphone4 (getting a 5 soon) ipad 10″ & iMac. Would I buy ipad mini? I have to admit if they do one with a retina display I think I will. Stupid waste of money ? Maybe. But the portability of the thing will make me use it everywhere not just at home. Sad I know.

  3. Wait for it….”If Steve Jobs were alive he would delay the release of the iPad Mini, blah, blah.” Bullshit about an unannounced Mac product is an opportunity for pundits to tell Apple how to run their business. The “If Steve were alive” meme is just waiting to be tossed out, as if Steve ever cared a bit about any pundit’s opinion. I’m sure his executive team will be listening intently to Moren’s moronic two cents. “Hold the assembly line. Dan Moren thinks our timing is off!” Puleeeze!!

  4. furor?
    millions of devices sold in one day and there was a furor?
    I wish all the other companies were held to the same impossible standard Apple is held to.
    maps will get better. for sure.
    Parasitic Armchair Techtards should build their own multi billion dollar company and then chime in…

  5. Too late for the Party. Apple ridiculed the 7″ form factor for a Tablet and the 16:9 AR. Now they will roll out a mini me product that sort of iSheeps will fall on deaf ears. Too many strong players already in this segment.

    Look for a 4.65″ iPhone 6 in 3 months from now as the 5 is only selling to iSheeps and being completely overlooked by the rest of the world. The next big thing in tech will be the resurgence of MSFT via Windows 8 and the eco system that will accompany it on their mobile devices. MSFT share price by this time next year will be north of $300.00 and Apple will be south of $350.00.

  6. As a kid we used to make our own shrinky-dinks. We would color the plastic lids from the deli which our mom popped into the oven and they magically got smaller.
    Learn from my fail – if you put an iPad in the oven, you don’t get an iPad mini. You get an expensive mess.

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