Apple’s iPad mini won’t have Retina display

“Manufacturers in China have begun assembling a new, smaller tablet computer for Apple, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday,” Eric Zeman reports for InformationWeek. “Unnamed executives from component suppliers said that production of the tablet is under way. Production typically begins several weeks before Apple brings its new devices to market.”

“The tablet, which many refer to as the iPad Mini, will have a 7.85-inch screen. The regular iPad’s screen measures 9.7 inches diagonally. The most stunning revelation to come from The Journal story is that the iPad Mini’s screen will not be a Retina Display,” Zeman reports. “It will use the same liquid crystal display technology that the larger iPad does, but it won’t have a resolution high enough to merit the ‘Retina’ descriptor.”

Zeman reports, “Given how Apple prefers to make things easier for iOS developers, it might stick with a resolution that’s similar to its other devices. For example, it would make sense for Apple to pick 1024 x 768 pixels, which is the same resolution shared by the iPad and iPad 2. That would be a competitive resolution for a device with a 7.85-inch display, even if Apple can’t market it as a Retina Display.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The only display that matters in that part of the tablet market is the price tag.

Apple can create a higher end iPad mini with Retina display whenever (ifever) they feel there’s a market for it.


        1. Again gary, you apple haters call apple isheep and at the same time tell us that android has double the market as iOS and windows has double the market over OS X.
          even given your (obviously) limited comprehension skills, you have to get that following the crowd is what windows and android users are doing (according to your market share figures) so they would be the “sheep” going with the flock, not the apple users who are (again according to applehater stats) consciously choosing outside the crowd.

          Ya cant’ have it both ways gary, either apple is winning the majority market share or the applehaters are the sheep dutifully following the flock.

          1. Hah… the difference is that I will call out MSFT or Android anytime they screw things up and not try to deflect the criticism. iSheeps are a funny bunch in that they will now celebrate a 16:9 AR, a 7″ tab form factor and apparently a watered down version of iPad. All 3 things that iSheeps historically told the world were never going to be attributes that Apple would ever consider.

            1. Gary you are just a sheep (and a pathetic little iTroll) and now you are attempting to obfuscate that. You simply follow the flock, afraid to actually think or make a choice away from the crowd.

              Go follow your apple-hating flock Gary, they are calling you… Baaaaa!

  1. This mini me device is DOA. Bad timing and if not an iPad in terms of quality then shelve it. Apple is going to regret this as they do the Maps and other issues that have risen in recent weeks.

    1. Why do you Troll this site Gary, every freaking post you make is negative bullshi*.

      Enjoy whatever you get out of it, but seeing that you have been wrong with all of your so called assumptions, is enough to prove what a fool you are.

      1. Where have I been wrong? So far Samsung has not cut a cheque, ban on Galaxy Tab is lifted, Court will not hear Apple’s device ban request until daly December etc… So far I am doing just fine.

    2. if you really believe that apple is in trouble, the mini is DOA, maps is hurting iPhone sales then…

      put money down… borrow it even… and SHORT apple stock.

      if you REALLY believe your crap and if you are right you will be rich.

      so do you have the balls?
      I have the balls to LONG aapl.

      1. … therefore I know they do NOT really believe that apple is in trouble.

        their trolling is just to sooth their subconscious which knows that apple is booming.

      2. Apple stock is currently being manipulated as it always is and the cause this time is the pending Apple share buy back. I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole for at least 3 months.

  2. The most stunning revelation? We’ve known that for months now.

    What matters most for this device is making it as thin and light as possible. Thin. Light. Thin. Light. Dimensions that we may never see out of the larger iPad. That’s what will make the iPad mini so special.

  3. I think this is a win no matter what. If they took the iPhone 5 display at 7.8 inches or the iPad 2. Either way developers won’t have to code for seething new. I am hoping they go 16:9.

    1. you have no idea on marketing situation. new ipod touch starts $299. if ipad mini will be sold the same price or lower price (impossible), ipod touch sale will be hurt badly. it is not what apple wants. it is a true that ipad mini won’t have retina display. apple can’t do lower the price point than ipod touch because its built cost. 7 inch market already is dominated by android. apple can’t effect on share no matter what. in 2012, android vs apple ipad market share is closed to 48% vs. 52%. this ratio was huge gap in 2011. apple ipad was totally monopolized. this year, game is changed. do you know what it means? ipad is no longer matter.

      1. People who buy an iPad mini over an iPod touch are a different breed.

        There is a reason that Apple is still selling a 16GB 4th generation iPod touch @ $199. This way they can sell a 16GB iPad mini for $249. Sure, the 32GB iPod touch is $299, but that just means a 32GB iPad mini will be… $349.

        I’d look to apple to be very aggressive with the iPad mini pricing.

        The iPad mini, remember, is a different use case as an iPod touch. Most people use an iPad at home. The nature of the apps available for it reflect that. People who want to take their music with them, but also have a camera and the time-wasting games with true portability without a contract… will buy an iPod touch still.

        The iPad is all about browsing and a robust app ecosystem.

        If they truly start out a 16GB iPad mini at $249, look for it to be very disruptive. If people can get a real iPad for $249, why would they take a chance on a Kindle Fire or try to choose between the plethora of tablets at the same price or $50 less? Especially with people’s budgets stretched this holiday season. It would make the perfect gift for the kid who already has an iPod touch.

  4. It won’t matter one bit. Have you seen the screen on the iPad 2? It’s gorgeous, notwithstanding the fact that it doesn’t have a Retina display.

    This is the same amazing screen carried over to the iPad mini. It will look similarly amazing.

    The 7.85″ iPad market will be sold on price and an amazing app library of 700,000 apps to choose from. Those are winning arguments, not whether the screen is Retina or not. It’s what you can do with an iPad that will be the major selling point.

    Apple will sell millions.

  5. IF Apple is coming out with the iPad Mini, then you know the iPad Mini 2 is in the works & as that would have to be better that version1, that will have the Retina Display.

  6. This is what journalism has become. A third party writing about another third party who reports a rumor as fact as reported by a rumor (news) aggravating site.
    I’m going to start a blog and just report on what gets posted here).

      1. These days, thanks to the MANDATE from our Corporate Oligarchy for blatant propaganda, there isn’t actually much left of actual journalism.

        It’s The Age of Marketing, with all the BS that entails. Truth is only useful when it SELLS. 😯

    1. The iPad 2 has a pixel density of 128 ppi, respectable, but it can be pixelated to young and sharp eyes (not so much with my old eyes). The purported iPad mini would be 163 PPI, the same as an iPhone 3GS or an iPod touch 2g. It will look less jaggy than an iPad 2, more jaggy than a 300 ppi “retina” display. However, all the on screen elements would be smaller too, but maybe not to small for folks with small hands, such as children.

      Steve dissed the 7″ tablets when Apple didn’t have one. The 7″ ones didn’t sell all that well until the price got down to where there are minimal margins. A 7.85″ tablet will be a little better than a 7″ one in terms of the size of on screen elements. If the price is ok, it will sell well. Actually it has to have an ok price because if it was priced much higher than the current Android product, it would be in 10″ territory.

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