Apple TV with OS 5.1: With iCloud, a no fuss, no muss $99 Home Theater

“When I moved into my studio apartment in November 2010, I wanted to make a break from a certain cable company, which shall remain classless,” Frank Petrie reports for YMP Now. “The arsenal of weapons in my quest for fleeing corporate media dependency: 2009 MBP Pro 13″, iPad, iPhone, 42″ LED, an HDTV indoor antenna, and an Apple TV. My software: HuluPLUS, MLB.TV, and a podcatcher.”

“Could AppleTV’s [iOS 5.1] firmware update further stoke my defiance?” Petrie asks. “Apple TV 5.1 brings along a parcel of updates: Shared Photo Streams, AirPlay, iTunes account switching, Trailers, Screen savers, Subtitles, Network configuration, and the ubiquitous Stability and Performance enhancements. And the ‘official’ unveiling of HuluPLUS and Trailers for AppleTV has been finally announced, even though they have been there for months.”

Petrie reports, “I think that this update demonstrates that the future of AppleTV is not necessarily in adding a monitor. In conjunction with iCloud, you now have a $99.00US Home Theater PC. No fuss, no muss.”

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  1. The only problem with doing this (where I live atleast) is that the cable company rapes you kn the Internet only price. Like for example I pay $99 for Internet and HDTV service with DVR. The Internet only price was $69. Not that big of a difference. I wish there was high speed Internet only at a cheaper price to make this more mainstream.

    1. Maybe internet access should be infrastructure, like roads and water. Not free, but a utility, developed and maintained by the (we the people) government. Would cut down on the sales of lube.

  2. It can’t be any good, its only $99 dollars. Googles is $299 so it must be better.

    That’s the logic we are stuck with if some of the comments from the DROID crowd regarding earPods are to be believed.

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