Apple patent applications details adding interactivity to Apple TV via cable and satellite

“Today, Apple has revealed how a future Apple TV set-top-box will be able to access additional information about a TV show, event or movie that you’re about to watch,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“It will be able to provide Apple TV users with contextual information on actors in a movie that you’re about to watch or a summary of a keynote, for example,” Purcher reports. “Interestingly, the additional context-base information will be sent to the user’s iPad or iPhone that will work in sync with Apple TV and the content being presented on your television via your local cable or satellite provider.”

Purcher reports, “While today’s invention is definitely not as ambitious as some TV oriented projects have been in the past, and there have been many of them over the years, it’s probably a more realistic and humble starting point that seems to be only a stone’s throw away.”

Much more, including Apple patent application diagram, in the full article here.

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