New patent infringement lawsuit against Apple relates to targeted advertising

“A Delaware company by the name of B.E. Technology doing business in Memphis, Tennessee is suing Apple for infringing on two of their patents relating to demographically targeted advertising. B.E Technology lists eight of Apple’s products that are allegedly infringing upon their patents,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The first patent in their case against Apple is US patent 6,628,314,” Purcher reports. “The ‘314 patent generally relates to user interfaces for accessing computer applications and information resources and, in particular, to user interfaces that provide advertising obtained over a global computer network such as the Internet.”

Purcher reports, “According to B.E. Technology’s first count against Apple, they believe that Apple has infringed the ‘314 patent by using a method of providing demographically targeted advertising that directly infringes at least Claim 11 of the ‘314 patent either literally or under the doctrine of equivalents.”

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  1. Thousands of years of progress and civilization, and the largest, most influential group of professionals today are… lawyers and advertisers.

    Weep for the human race.

    1. I have on many occasions and expect more to be in store. The really fun revelation is that most of this human-on-human abuse is over what amounts to playing games, such as the human concocted economic/financial game concept of money.

      It’s all in our heads folks. We made up the game, we can change it, we can dump it. Abuse one another over it and you’re just being crazy. There is an ACTUAL real world out here where a game is just a game. Please join the rest of us who noticed! You’re always welcome.

      1. What money stands for is not a human invention. It’s a real thing. It’s the product of work and effort. Its the value created. Money is merely a convenient form of storage of that value.

        People try to find shortcuts to getting money without the effort, but the underlying concept of what money represents is not an invention or a game.

        Suppose you are a carpenter and you go to work and take some piles of wood and through your effort you turn that pile of wood into a chair. You have created value. There is now some amount of value in the world that would not be there without your effort. That value is divided between you and your employer. He gets the value of that chair, but he also has to give you some of that value. A convenient way to do that is to represent that value with Money. So he hands you your share of the value in the form of money. But he could have given you, say, some food or a stove or some school books. Money just greatly simplifies that transfer of value.
        It’s not the invented money that people pursue, it’s the value that it represents. Capturing that value means you don’t have to do as much effort in your life. Capturing it in a dishonorable way means that you are in effect stealing someone else’s effort and using it yourself. If money didn’t exist that wouldn’t change.

        1. Money stands for…. Money is an invented human symbol. It represents something. It is NOT the thing. You pointed out part of what it represents. Let me point you toward the subject of ‘General Semantics’ to help you understand the difference between symbols and their represented subjects.

          The use of symbols is an invention, a game. It follows gaming strategies, systematics and corresponding game theories. Before money, or apart from money, there is bartering for like ‘valued’ goods and services. The basic animal (not just human) behavior that is the foundation for all of these game systems is sharing. We humans are social creatures specifically because we required sharing within a group of humans, a family/clan/tribe/village, in order to optimally SURVIVE. It is written into our genetics to share. Everything we put on top of it is a human elaboration upon sharing.

          As to how people play the game, you describe it very well. Keeping one’s mind on the thing the symbol in the game stands for allows the removal of abstraction and a closer comprehension of the base reality beneath it.

          When people lose track of the subject of the symbol, the essentially live in an inner world that is apart from the outer reality, resulting in various levels of illogic and insanity. This problem is rampant in the USA where various elements of our culture, including our overlords, the Corporate Oligarchy, insist upon making us illogical abstract thinkers by valuing the materials of the game, the symbols, over the actual base reality beneath them. This is how we get people worshiping ‘Mammon’, the ‘god’ of money, of wealth.

          Have you noticed how the value of gold has been flying sky high during our ongoing worldwide economic depression? That’s because the buyers believe that something more basic, more tangible than ‘money’, is what’s going to hold the base concept of ‘value’ as our financial systems self-destruct. Money is paper. Gold represents a more tangible form of ‘value’.

          However, even with gold, value is merely a human concept once again. What is gold good for when you’re in a desperation driven society where survival requires clean food and water. You can’t eat gold. No one gives a rat’s about gold when you can’t actually do something with it that makes you survive. This forces us to think closer to the base reality in which we live.

          Also useful: The ‘Maslow Hierarchy of Needs’. It’s a terrific illustration of human abstract thought versus plain old survival within the base reality of our planet.

          I’ve studied and cogitated about this subject since I was 13 and have three related educational degrees. So I tend to dive deep when I talk about it. It’s worth taking the time to comprehend, especially in our era of abstraction to the point of cultural madness and self-destruction. The games reveal themselves to be worthless when we’re back to being hunter-gatherers all over again. What is real? What is actually important? What is lasting? What is good for us? Versus what is abstraction that needlessly drives us crazy and drives us away from what is real?

          There are books…, so I’ll shut up now. 😉

    1. BS? don’t you think that apple is BS too? they argued with round corner design of phone during san Jose trail. then they won. it was the most ridiculous verdict I’ve ever seen in my life. apple should be dying by lawsuit they started. this kind of company hurts healthy competition in the market.

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