Maps app grumbles, minor protest in France fail to dampen worldwide Apple iPhone 5 fever

“Apple fans queued around city blocks worldwide on Friday to get their hands on the new iPhone 5 – but grumbles about inaccurate maps tempered the excitement,” Peter Schwartzstein and Tim Kelly report for Reuters. “The new phone went on sale across, Europe, Asia and Australia with mobile carriers reporting record demand that looked likely to stretch Apple’s supply capacity.”

“Apple has booked more than 2 million orders for the device in the first 24 hours, double the first-day sales of the previous iPhone 4S,” Schwartzstein and Kelly report. “Some analysts expect Apple to sell up to 10 million iPhone 5 models in the remaining days of September and JP Morgan estimates the phone release could provide a $3.2 billion boost to the U.S. economy in the fourth quarter. The amount is almost the same as the economy of Fiji.”

Schwartzstein and Kelly report, “Hundreds of French iPhone fans lining up at Apple’s main store in Paris got an earful from disgruntled employees and former retailers protesting against the group’s policies. Some 20 former staffers of independent Apple distributors which closed after struggling to compete with Apple’s own stores marched in front of the Paris store. Joining them were three store employees striking to protest against Apple’s refusal to offer perks such as meal vouchers and a yearly bonus of an extra one month’s salary that are standard for many French workers.”

MacDailyNews Take: No wonder France is going down la toilette.

Schwartzstein and Kelly report, “Apple plans to sell the new phone in 100 countries by the end of the year, ramping up competition in a smartphone market that has already reached a fever pitch.”

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    1. x marks the spot. And that “x” is France. The place where, for some reason, Americans like to poke at. Must be jealousy.

      Fact is, in France, vacation time and bonuses are spread out among the population, in the USA, the “treasure” is all hoarded by the pirates on top.

      1. I was a bit mad at the French for killing LaFayette. After Napoleon, Bismarck, and Hitler yo wouldn’t want to pick a fight with many people either or you would be buried in the Ardennes, Verdun, Ypres and the Somme.

        I say cut the Frogs some slack. Looks like a fun place to party.

        1. Speaking from personal experience, France has it all over Germany that’s for sure. You want to run into a country full of douche bags, just go to Germany. But again I’m speaking from personal experience not just something I’ve seen on TV or read in the newspapers.

          1. Did someone above mention ‘RED NECK’?

            The ‘ugly American’ strikes again. It can be embarrassing being an American traveling in Europe when the ‘GM’s and ‘G2’s are boisterously fulfilling the stereotypes. Thankfully, my close friends in France, Germany, Denmark, England, Spain, Italy, Austria, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Slovenia, . . . don’t associate me with those ‘other’ Americans. We are not all alike. We are not all loud clueless hateful assholes. 😀

        2. no amount of fact can “prove” your misinformed opinion wrong.

          Moreover: whenever an ass has his mind made up, and then the gall to publicly declare his ignorance to the world, parading his narrow views as fact, then why try to contradict him? His negativity is ingrained, and his only goal is to piss on other peoples’ parades. what a pathetic waste of a life, to be so miserable that attacking entire nations with futile blog posts is his only ambition.

          By the way, I have cousins who live in France. They are amongst the most wonderful people in the world. Prove me wrong.

    1. G2, you REALLY need to get out of your mommy’s basement and go see some of these countries. What’s the US been for the last many decades – about #35 in infant mortality? Surveys by the UN show the US well down the scale on multiple measures of physical and mental health and well-being. The US is not “the greatest nation on Earth” in many areas of what makes life worth living.

      1. Haha. I love it.
        The same people that blame a the world’s problems on religion are the ones spouting spite and venom at the mere mention of France.
        My son calls you people ‘professional haters’.
        Here, lets see what happens if I say ‘Rush Limbaugh’….

    1. Major *DING* Factor.

      The clueless ‘Where’s My Bonus?!’ mentality lives here in the USA as well. I cynically laughed my butt off when the ‘Too Big To Fail’ FAIL companies that got TARP bailouts tossed ‘bonus’ money at their executives, the ones who deserved to be panhandling in the street for booze money. Bankrupt Kodak still handed them out last year. Well done BIZNIZZ USA. Die so better companies can rise in your place.

  1. Has anyone noticed how accurate the new Map software is? I was out on my morning I-must-escape-this-cubicle walk and I turned on the map app to see what I could see. Using the satellite view at maximum magnification, I see that my position on the map display is really very accurate – within about 10 feet. That was not always (or rarely) the case with Google mapping software. Of course this is a sample size of one and your results may vary.

    1. Youre such a dick and typical American. Perhaps the white flag refers to Americas’s failure in Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan, Somalia, China and a representation of the gap left by the two towers.

  2. The map situation is terrible and unfortunately taking away from an otherwise great device. I wish they would put their high school fight with google to the side and concentrate on the consumers needs

    1. I wasn’t laughing when the same joke was posted above two and a half hours before you. I’m also not laughing at the two FAIL fake wars invented by ‘The Crazies’ that continue to destroy the US budget. Well done Neo-Con-Job. You made the USA into the clueless bullying losers of the world. Well done. Let’s see how long it takes to clean up your catastrophes.

  3. FIrst of all, general judgements against a country and its population, a religion or an ethnic group only comes from ignorance and small-mindedness, not to mention small-heartedness… That MDN indulges in it is disappointing to say the least. At the end of the day, who cares? Life goes on…
    Maps works great for me in AZ. And I expect it will only get better… People are so fickle…

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