TechCrunch reviews Apple’s iPhone 5: So fantastic, it just doesn’t seem real

“You pick it up and it almost feels fake. That’s not to say it feels cheap; because it doesn’t — quite the opposite, actually. It just doesn’t seem real. Certainly not to someone who has been holding the iPhone 4/4S for the past two years. It feels like someone took one of those devices and hollowed it out,” MG Siegler writes for TechCrunch.

“The iPhone 5 is here,” Siegler writes. “I’ve had the opportunity to play around with the latest iPhone for the past several days. I won’t beat around the bush: it’s fantastic.”

Siegler writes, “You’re going to want this phone… If you’ve been debating getting the iPhone 5 — and it seems like many of you haven’t debated it too much, with 2 million pre-orders — I suggest you make the jump. Even from the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 is a big, noticeable improvement. (Though of course I understand that carrier contract commitments may come into play there as well.) If you have an iPhone 4 or, heaven forbid, an iPhone 3GS, get the iPhone 5 as soon as you can.”

Much more in the full review here.

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  1. Just killed my AT&T contract mid-term for only $215 to jump ship to which runs on the AT&T network but only charges $11.83 a month for minimum service. Now waiting for Apple to start selling unlocked iPhone 5 in America so I can get my 64GB GSM for only about $1,000 including tax & AppleCare+. Saving $800 a year in service fees plus the cost of a subsidized iPhone 5 for at least $300 saved each year if I don’t sell my old ones.

    1. Their data is expensive (max is 500MB for $30) and no tethering.

      Whenever I add it all up with these prepaid resellers, to include a similar amount of data and the ability to tether, it always comes out close to what I pay ATT. Unfortunately.

      I’d like to find something for less, so I keep my eyes open, but no luck.

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