Samsung to add iPhone 5 to U.S. lawsuits vs Apple

“Samsung Electronics Co said on Thursday it planned to add Apple’s iPhone 5 to its existing patent lawsuits against the U.S. rival, a move that could lead to a preliminary sales injunction of the popular smartphone,” Reuters reports.

“Samsung said in a separate statement on Thursday: ‘Apple continues to take aggressive legal measures that will limit market competition. Under these circumstances, we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights,'” Reuters reports. “Apple scored a sweeping legal victory over Samsung in late August after a U.S. jury found the Korean firm had copied critical features of the iPhone and awarded the U.S. firm $1.05 billion in damages.”

Reuters reports, “The jury also found that Apple did not infringe any of Samsung’s asserted patents. Samsung has since vowed it would continue to fight.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Pfft. Going nowhere, Samsung. But down.

And someone needs to dispatch a legal reporter to Reuters, so they can properly report that Samsung is trying to use Standards Essential Patents (SEPs) that are supposed to be licensed to everyone, including Apple, under terms that are Fair, Reasonable, And Non-Discriminatory (FRAND).

The Apple patents that Samsung was convicted of having infringed are design patents, a wholly different type of patent than the SEPs that Samsung abusing because that’s all they have in their increasingly weak hand.


  1. MDN: NPR news this morning made the same mistake as seemingly every news outlet: in bending over backward to appear “fair” about the issue, they essentially made it sound like Samsung and Apple are on equal legal footing in their fight. This bias acting as balanced reporting really needs to be called out on every occasion. I am writing an email to NPR now to comment on this fact in more detail. I suggest we all take the time to ask news outlets to correct their biases — or heck, someone just write out a good boilerplate that we can copy-paste when we hear these misrepresentations. That way we can help to ensure that news sites are actually reporting fairly, rather than playing more for the appearance of fairness than caring about actually being fair in their reporting.

  2. (Yawn) This is nothing more than the ramblings of a butthurt, copycat company that got bit in the ass and is trying to save face. They tried this last year with 3G SEP’s and wound up being investigated for FRAND abuse. What a disgusting company….

  3. macdailynews doesn’t deliver right news. they seem to filter some bad news for apple. I never saw a bad news here. as a matter of fact, MDN is one of apple fanboys. it’s so sad that they became just apple’s puppet.

    1. If you think MDN never calls out Apple, you truly have your head buried in the sand. If you’re trying to be a “Zune Tang” imitator, you’re failing worse at that than at being a troll.

    2. You mean you don’t hear made up or inaccurate Apple stories as reported by disingenuous Android sites and clueless regular news sites who neglect basic facts for anyone caring to check.. I’ve trolled over to one Android site recently, got everyone riled up over simple verifiable Apple facts they don’t want to hear and boy do those boys live in Illusion Delusion Land. They spew the same nonsense as always in their choir so they can try to elevate themselves above all other choices. Really pathetic.

  4. Quite kvetching at SameDung, they are completely correct. Apple does in fact take aggressive legal measures to reduce market competition.

    They do it legally by making compelling products that people actually want to buy and use. Completely aggressive and legal.

    1. if i’m in the business of hi tech gadgets, i’ do the same things Apple
      is doing, so do any company, happily, shamedung is on the loosing
      end and sucking all the kimchi juice they can

  5. Under these circumstances, we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights blahblahblah

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! What a gang of desperate blowhard idiots.

    Frack you ShameScam. Let the REAL competition begin, once the parasite plagiarists like YOU are out of the picture! Maybe killing off your wretched company WOULD be a good idea. More room for ACTUAL innovators!

    1. BTW: This ScamSuck strategy is right out of childhood, the same silly propaganda tool used by certain ‘crazies’. It’s called:

      “I’m bounce, you’re glue! Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks on you!”
      “I know you are, but what am I?!”
      “No YOU have cooties! No YOU have cooties! No YOU have cooties!”

      What a brilliant strategy StinkDung, worthy of a 5 year old.

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